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Kenya inks $200mn dam construction deal at Paris talks

Kenya has signed a $200 million (Ksh20 billion) financing agreement with the World Bank for the construction of a dam at the ongoing climate talks in Paris.

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Liner Notes No.11: Musicians engage Morocco’s ‘African’ identity through Gnawa

The typical jazz festival in Morocco is characterized by a celebration of the Andalusian legacy of Morocco’s musical heritage, focusing on the sounds of Iberia’s Arab and Islamic past. But there is another type of music important to Morocco’s cultural heritage that is often overlooked at the country’s flagship music festivals. Gnawa music is the spiritual songs and rhythms to emerge from Morocco’s formerly enslaved and whose origins are in West and Central Africa. The only cultural institution to focus on showcasing this culture is the annual Gnawa and World Music Festival in Essaouira, a former trans-Saharan slave entrepôt on Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast.

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Bashir drops plan to attend UN general assembly

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, under indictment by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, has abandoned his plan to attend the UN general assembly in New York this week.

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Tunisia Digs a 100-Mile Moat to Keep Refugees at Bay

Tunis Once surrounding castles of old, a moat stretching 100 miles is being dug by Tunisia against alleged terror threats from nearby Libya. Reporters are kept at bay from the digging in what officials have dubbed “a closed military area.”

Saltwater will fill the massive trench to be topped with sand dunes. Alligators are not mentioned in the moat’s prospectus.

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Migration: Libya, waiting room for the Mediterranean

Though refugees and migrants are arriving in unprecedented waves in the Balkans, the flow from Libya remains an issue that must not be neglected. The European Union is increasingly interested in escalating military operations in the Mediterranean off the Libyan coast, but the political turmoil in the country has been without a solution for almost a year. Last week, the UN resumed unity deal negotiations that even the Tripoli-based General National Congress, which had boycotted the talks, is optimistic about. In the meantime, caught in between two disputing governments, the Libyan Coast Guard is severely underequipped for the humanitarian problem in its seas.

In the second instalment of Afronline’s series of field reports on the underreported hubs of the refugee crises, Nancy Porsia speaks directly with the Libyan players struggling in the political standstill.

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Migrants Waiting Their Moment in the Moroccan Mountains

Ceuta In the middle of the mountains behind the border fence of Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco, and eight kilometres from the nearest Moroccan village of Fnideq, an uncertain number of migrants live in the woods. No one knows exactly how many they are but charity workers in Melilla, Spain’s other enclave in Morocco, say they could be in their thousands.

Ceuta is one of the main (and few) ‘doors’ leading from northern Africa to the territory of the European Union, and is a ’door’ that has been closed since the end of the 1990s, when the Spanish authorities started to build a tripe six-metre fence topped with barbed wire that surrounds the whole enclave, as in Melilla.

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