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Time to Close the Gender Gap in Africa with Bold Actions

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and to be bold in promoting gender parity. Our world would be a much better place with gender parity in all spheres. We need more women as CEOs, in parliaments, as engineers, computer scientists, astronauts, and as heads of state, traditional areas dominated by men.

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Importation of Indian gari, the Nigerian paradox

Reports of imported gari packaged as “Ïndian gari” displayed and sold to the public in a Lagos supermarket, came as a rude shock and complete surprise to millions of Nigerians. Previously, it was unimaginable that Nigeria could ever get to the point of importing gari, a popular West African staple food made from cassava tubers.

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CTA Brussels Briefings on Regional Trade in Africa

Brussels – The CTA, in partnership with the the EU Commission, the EU Presidency, the ACP Group of States, Concord, and other partners will organise the next Brussels Development Briefing on the subject of “Regional Trade in Africa: Drivers, Trends and Opportunities”. This 47th edition of the Brussels Briefings will take place on 3rd February 2017 at ACP Secretariat headquarters.

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Why strong veterinary services are needed

Veterinary services make vital contributions to livestock supply chains, from farm to fork, and must be strengthened for the benefit of people, animals and the environment. Livestock play a pivotal role in income-generation, employment, food and nutrition security, transport, draught power and social cohesion for millions of people worldwide.

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How to help cassava smallholders transform agriculture

Yaoundé (Camerun) – The debates around transforming the global South, especially Africa, are increasing, which is an indicator of how the continent is desperate to catch up with the developed nations. As a journalist, I am always keen on telling stories about how to improve livelihoods, especially of the rural poor.

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Cameroon: when the lemongrass tea creates miracle


Yaoundé (Cameroon) – After studying finance in France, Pavel Ayimnei returned to Cameroon where he worked 10 years as an advisor for small enterprises. But he has not been successful in this field. Finally, he found his happiness in agriculture. In 2011, he created AY-Distribution, an enterprise that produces and markets lemongrass tea.

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