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Jihadism in Africa and the counter radicalization Moroccan model

Marrakech – International terrorism and Jihadism are issues and challenges that undermine stability and the wellbeing of the African continent. In fact, more than 70 terrorist attacks took place resulting in more than 1500 victims in one year. But what characterize Jihadism in Africa? How can we fight against this threat? Read the analysis of Prof. Mohammed Benhammou, President of the Moroccan Centre for Strategic Studies (CMES).

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Liner Notes No.11: Musicians engage Morocco’s ‘African’ identity through Gnawa

The typical jazz festival in Morocco is characterized by a celebration of the Andalusian legacy of Morocco’s musical heritage, focusing on the sounds of Iberia’s Arab and Islamic past. But there is another type of music important to Morocco’s cultural heritage that is often overlooked at the country’s flagship music festivals. Gnawa music is the spiritual songs and rhythms to emerge from Morocco’s formerly enslaved and whose origins are in West and Central Africa. The only cultural institution to focus on showcasing this culture is the annual Gnawa and World Music Festival in Essaouira, a former trans-Saharan slave entrepôt on Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast.

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Migrants Waiting Their Moment in the Moroccan Mountains

Ceuta In the middle of the mountains behind the border fence of Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco, and eight kilometres from the nearest Moroccan village of Fnideq, an uncertain number of migrants live in the woods. No one knows exactly how many they are but charity workers in Melilla, Spain’s other enclave in Morocco, say they could be in their thousands.

Ceuta is one of the main (and few) ‘doors’ leading from northern Africa to the territory of the European Union, and is a ’door’ that has been closed since the end of the 1990s, when the Spanish authorities started to build a tripe six-metre fence topped with barbed wire that surrounds the whole enclave, as in Melilla.

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Breaking the Media Blackout in Western Sahara

Ahmed Ettanji is looking for a flat in downtown Laayoune, a city 1,100 km south of Rabat. He only wants it for one day but it must have a rooftop terrace overlooking the square that will host the next pro-Sahrawi demonstration.

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Film Review: On The Way to School

The documentary ‘On The Way To School’, directed by Frenchman Pascal Plisson, follows four children on their long and challenging journeys to school.

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Women for Expo – Jamila Wadjinny: Moroccan women are making great strides in agriculture

“We are now seeing women in high level management positions in big multinational companies, women who have their own companies, women who are selling agricultural products… And I believe they are on the same level as men in this sector.”

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