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Tunisia Digs a 100-Mile Moat to Keep Refugees at Bay

Tunis Once surrounding castles of old, a moat stretching 100 miles is being dug by Tunisia against alleged terror threats from nearby Libya. Reporters are kept at bay from the digging in what officials have dubbed “a closed military area.”

Saltwater will fill the massive trench to be topped with sand dunes. Alligators are not mentioned in the moat’s prospectus.

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Tunisia year five: Caught in a tightening vice

Thousands of young Tunisians drown trying to make their way to Europe, hoping that the West can offer a life that their own country cannot. Thousands are going to neighbouring Libya or other countries to wage jihad against what they perceive as the Western way of life, thirsty for vengeance against the West and its values.

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Western Balkans: a “no man’s land” for refugees

Two recent reports highlight the need for new approaches to handle the significant rise in asylum seekers entering the European Union. While Amnesty International identifies multiple human rights violations in the non-EU territory between Greece and Hungary, it stresses that the solution to end the abuses must be a European one.

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Women for Expo 2015 – Interview with Samia Maamer: Tunisia, a leading-light in organic agriculture

African success stories are currently far too rare of an occurrence. As such, when they do occur, it is important to highlight both the successes themselves as well as their origins. Such is the case with organic agriculture in Tunisia. In this interview  for Women for Expo, a project promoted by Expo Milano 2015, Samia Maamer, the Director General for Organic Agriculture at the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, discusses the role that women play in organic agriculture and how it “has clear benefits for the trade balance, the environment and people’s health.”

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Women for Expo 2015 – Interview with Soukeina Bouraoui: Tunisian Women Wary of Giving into Extremist Ideologies

Following Islamic State’s recent violent attack in Tunisia, extremist ideologies and the danger they pose to Tunisian society, especially women, has rarely been more relevant. In this interview with, conducted in the context of WE – Women for Expo, Soukeina Bouraoui, the President of CAWTAR – Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research, discusses the role of rural women in Tunisia today and how extremists “rather than wanting to base Tunisian society on Islamic traditions, wish to push it towards their own ideological extremism.

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Africa’s Youth Not Lured by Unglamorous Farming

Tunis/Addis Ababa – Ketsela Negatu is the son of an Ethiopian goat farmer living close to the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, who refuses to follow in his father’s footsteps. The 19-year-old has negative perceptions about the family profession after seeing the dim prospects a farming livelihood has offered his father.

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