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In Niger and Mali among migrants returning back from Libya

Niamey, Bamako – As of several months ago, in Niger as in Mali, two of the principal stops of the itinerary of the migrants of the Sub-Saharan Africa towards Europe, the routes and stories of the people journeying are changing. In fact, following the arrival of the initial financing of the EU Trust Fund for Africa, created at the Euro-African meeting at Valletta in November 2015, these countries’ migratory policies are adapting to the requests of the European Union to stop or at lease contain the flow of the “Central Mediterranean”, subjecting a good part of the aid for development to signed agreements for repatriation and the externalization of the community frontiers south of the sands of the Sahara.

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Migration: EU money in exchange for border controls in Africa

Niamey (Niger) – European funds in exchange for greater border controls. Easier repatriations. Quicker expulsions. In a word: border externalisation. Read the field story written by Sara Prestianni for #DivertedAid, an investigative project on the management and the impact of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

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The Archive of Malian Photography

“Every unit of meaning, and not just every image, is a public crossroads of histories of interpretation.” This reflection comes from Paul Landau’s introduction to Images and Empire: Visuality in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa (2002), but also applies to the images and the overall mission of the Archive of Malian Photography.

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Mali: Successful return after years of adventure


Bamako – After living in Angola, Indonesia, the United States and other countries for many years, Sanoussi decides to return back to Mali and do business. But the return has not been easy due to cultural differences and unfavourable business environment. His strategy has been to plan his return gradually by spending some months abroad and some months in Mali, until he was ready to come back definitely. Today Sanoussi has over 100 lactating cows, which produce 300 litres of milk daily. “Youth say that without money, we cannot start anything. Me I would say that firstly, without the will, we cannot start anything,” says Sanoussi. This video has been produced in the framework of a partnership between Agribusiness TVVITA and Afronline.

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Exclusive. Fatou Bensouda: “The threat of withdrawal from ICC is a regression for the continent”

Brussels – “What is really happening right now is a lot of misperception has been created around the International Criminal Court, that the ICC is unfairly targeting Africa, and therefore they need to withdraw from the Court”, says the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda. In this exclusive interview released to and African independent media, Bensouda is convinced that – “as an African” –  the Kenyan proposal to push for withdrawal from the ICC “is a regression for the continent. If we allow this to happen, this means we believe there should no longer be accountability – at least for certain people – for the crimes that they have committed on the continent”. The chief prosecutor also discusses other hot issues and cases that ICC is facing.

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Africa and the drama of immigration

Migration is as old as Africa itself. People have always moved in search of a better life.

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