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DR Congo: Can anyone stop Joseph Kabila?

While the opposition tries to unite, the presidency seems to be working out various possible scenarios for staying in power. For nearly a decade, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been an electoral democracy, a fragile and dysfunctional one, but an electoral democracy nonetheless. However, in the eyes of many Congolese, this status risks being forfeited at the stroke of midnight on 20 December 2016.

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South Africa: I Remember Waiting. Waiting for Muhammad Ali


Boxing legend Muhammad Ali – one of the world’s greatest sporting figures – has died at the age of 74. Khadija Patel, founder of The Daily Vox, reflects on that time she looked out of the windows of her mother’s car, searching for Ali.


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Mega Dams Remain Controversial Source of Energy

Although mega dams can have devastating impacts on ecosystems and indigenous communities, many of the world’s poorest countries still see them as a way to fill gaping holes in their energy supplies.

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Economic growth in Africa failing to improve people’s lives

Brussels – From the DRC to Burundi and Angola, economic growth in Africa is generally failing to translate into broader prosperity, according to the Legatum Institute’s Africa Prosperity index. Infos Grands Lacs and Afronline spoke to Alexandra Mousavizadeh, leading economist and director of the Legatum Prosperity Index to find out why.

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DR Congo’s electoral process is at an impasse. Here are 3 scenarios for what comes next

In February 2015, when the Democratic Republic of Congo’s electoral commission (CENI) published its calendar detailing all the steps in the process up to the elections slated for 27 November 2016,  it was considered by most to be unrealistic.

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Exclusive. Fatou Bensouda: “The threat of withdrawal from ICC is a regression for the continent”

Brussels – “What is really happening right now is a lot of misperception has been created around the International Criminal Court, that the ICC is unfairly targeting Africa, and therefore they need to withdraw from the Court”, says the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda. In this exclusive interview released to and African independent media, Bensouda is convinced that – “as an African” –  the Kenyan proposal to push for withdrawal from the ICC “is a regression for the continent. If we allow this to happen, this means we believe there should no longer be accountability – at least for certain people – for the crimes that they have committed on the continent”. The chief prosecutor also discusses other hot issues and cases that ICC is facing.

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