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Unexpected Eritrean Journalistic Voice Rises in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) – It took Eritrean journalist Estifo* seven years to save up enough money to pay a fixer to get him and his family from the capital, Asmara, to the shared border with Ethiopia. After they crossed the border by foot, they turned themselves in to the Ethiopian authorities and claimed asylum as refugees.

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Netanyahu’s East Africa tour and Israel’s secret aid-for-asylum-seekers scheme

Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel face an impossible choice: stay and risk detention or leave “voluntarily” for Rwanda or Uganda.

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Ethiopia-Eritrea: The Cry of the Imburi

The 12 June 2016 exchange of artillery fire along the heavily militarized frontier between Ethiopia and Eritrea could be just one of the periodic skirmishes between the two States. However, it could be the first signs of a flare up of violence. There have been calls from the United Nations and African Union officials for “restraint” but as yet no steps for real conflict resolution.

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Migration in Sudan: Needs mile-high in refugee hub

Kidnappings, dangerous boat crossings, assault: the images of migration in Sudan are a dark preview to the long passage to Europe. The lack of state control attracts smugglers but promises almost no protection to the refugees. Despite a peace deal reached last month in South Sudan, the flow of refugees out of the country–which passed 2.6 million in late August—and the flow into Sudan—which saw a growth of 47 percent this quarter–is not likely to stop. Most flee to neighboring countries, but some will eventually reach Europe by passing through Libya and Egypt.

For a broader perspective on the conditions of the record-high number of refugees, read Afronline’s last field report on African migrations by Sudanese journalist Salih Amar Hamid.

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Western Balkans: a “no man’s land” for refugees

Two recent reports highlight the need for new approaches to handle the significant rise in asylum seekers entering the European Union. While Amnesty International identifies multiple human rights violations in the non-EU territory between Greece and Hungary, it stresses that the solution to end the abuses must be a European one.

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The only safe thing to talk about in Eritrea is Football

Having lived all my life in Eritrea, I left the country in January 2012. Some European countries have recently claimed the situation in Eritrea has improved in order to justify accepting less Eritrean refugees. I wanted to share my firsthand experience of what daily life is like in Eritrea – a country with the highest ratio of imprisoned journalists that does not allow international media. Yesterday, a new report from the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea said “It is not law that rules Eritreans – but fear.”

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