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Kenyan Refugee Camp Closures will have Disastrous Consequences

United Nations  – The Kenyan government’s decision to close its refugee camps will have disastrous consequences and must be reconsidered, international organisations have stated. At the end of last week, the Kenyan government announced that the “hosting of refugees has to come to an end”, citing economic, security and environmental concerns.

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Sudan: Islamist leader Hassan al-Turabi dies


Khartoum – The leader of Sudan’s Popular Congress Party (PCP) Hassan al-Turabi has died of a heart attack on Saturday in Khartoum at the age of 84. In this interview released to presenter Ziauddin Sardar for the series ‘Islamic Conversations’ produced by Mahmood Jamal, al-Turabi explained in 2012 his concept of The Islamic State.


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Afronline’s journalist wins Thomson Foundation prize

Brussels – One of Afronline’s correspondent journalists, Salih Amar Hamid, has wonhas won a prestigious media competition held by the Thomson Foundation for his article covering refugees and migration in Sudan.

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Agricultural Keys to Malaria in African Highlands

Kampala (Uganda) – Sixty-five years after a major international summit here on malaria, the mosquito-borne disease remains a scourge and its incidence may even be rising in parts of sub-Saharan Africa due to the combined effects of climate change, agricultural practices and population displacement. Almost half the world’s population is deemed at risk of malaria, and an estimated 214 million people will contract it in 2015, with nearly half a million dying.

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It’s time for the US to press the reset button on Sudan

The sun may have started to set on his tenure in office, but US President Barack Obama seems to have no intention of slipping into cruise control with regards to foreign policy. Against difficult odds, he recently mended fences with Cuba and Iran, two of the country’s longest-standing foes.

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Migration in Sudan: Needs mile-high in refugee hub

Kidnappings, dangerous boat crossings, assault: the images of migration in Sudan are a dark preview to the long passage to Europe. The lack of state control attracts smugglers but promises almost no protection to the refugees. Despite a peace deal reached last month in South Sudan, the flow of refugees out of the country–which passed 2.6 million in late August—and the flow into Sudan—which saw a growth of 47 percent this quarter–is not likely to stop. Most flee to neighboring countries, but some will eventually reach Europe by passing through Libya and Egypt.

For a broader perspective on the conditions of the record-high number of refugees, read Afronline’s last field report on African migrations by Sudanese journalist Salih Amar Hamid.

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