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Initiative to cut post-harvest grains losses launched

An initiative has been launched to promote the scale-up of innovative technologies for reducing post-harvest losses in Sub-Saharan Africa and help combat malnutrition, food insecurity and poverty.

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A way forward for LGBTI rights in Africa

A wave of homegrown leaders, movements and activists is sweeping across the continent and bringing with it African solutions to Africa’s LGBTI people.

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Budget support donors suspend aid to Mozambique

The group of donors to the State of Mozambique Budget has decided to suspend international aid to the country, following the revelation of hidden debt in the public accounts,  two international partners told Lusa.

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Mozambique: Exclusive testimony on Government death squads sent to kill enemies

Mozambique is been plagued by rising tensions and violence between the government police forces (PRM) and opposition Renamo. One of the most active fronts of political and military conflict is in the northern province of Nampula, where an elite squad of the government forces was sent to restore order. The weekly magazine, Verdade, media partner of Afronline, and Savana, interviewed an agent of the Special Forces Rapid Intervention Unit (FIR) of PRM, who reveals several “missions” to eliminate targets identified by his commanders.

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Malawi’s Refugee Crisis

Imagine fleeing from your home because you feel unprotected by the people who are required to do so by law. And when you get to where you feel safer, the very same people come to persuade your keepers to let you come back with them, claiming you are running away from nothing!

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A Luta Continua: A triumph for press freedom in Mozambique

One day after the international day of democracy on September 15, it was truly a day of democracy in Mozambique.

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