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China “at the bedside” of Burundi

Bujumbura (Burundi) – The Vice-President of the Republic of China, Li Younchao, was in Burundi for a three-day visit. This was the first visit of such a Chinese high ranking figure to Burundi since 1963 when cooperation between the two countries began. “A breath of fresh air for Bujumbura”, writes

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Survivors of Sex Abuse Say UN Neglected Them

Several survivors who were sexually abused by peacekeeping forces in the Central African Republic (CAR) continue to be neglected by the UN, an investigative team has found. Three years after cases of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeeping forces in CAR became public, a Swedish film team located a number of survivors who have said that the UN’s children agency (UNICEF) promised support never arrived.

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Cameroon: Interview with Monique Kwachou, a “refugee 2.0”

Three months after reports that Cameroonian government had blocked the internet in two English-speaking regions of the country, net services had still not been restored. How does daily life look like for those who live in South-West and North-West regions without internet? Afronline interviewed Monique Kwachou, writer and student affairs officer at the University of Buea. This is the testimony of a Cameroonian “refugee 2.0”, victim of the longest internet ban of its kind in history.

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How the Congo crisis reshaped international relations

In July 1960, within a week of achieving independence from Belgium, the Congo (later renamed Zaire and now known as the DRC) was plunged into a civil conflict that soon turned into a political and constitutional crisis that besieged the country for almost five years. The Congo crisis challenged how the superpowers and the United Nations managed the process of decolonization and fundamentally impacted the relationship between the West and the post-colonial world.

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Life in No-Internet Cameroon

The English-speaking regions of Cameroon have been facing a government-ordered Internet shutdown since 17 January. This shutdown was imposed in the wake of ongoing strikes, violence and protests against the continued marginalisation of English-speakers. Monique Kwachou describes life in No-Internet Cameroon.

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Burundi: Bigirimana family says its security is threatened

Bujumbura – The wife of the journalist of Iwacu Press Group gone missing since 22 July 2016 says unknown people threw stones at the roof of her house on which they also wrote with blood words like ‘keba’ meaning ‘cut, be watchful, an opponent’ depending upon the context, in the night of 26 March. She asks that her security be strengthened.

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