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Zambia: Government closed dow The Post

The Government of the Republic of Zambia closed down Post Newspapers Limited. The Zambia Revenue Authority officers, under instructions from State House, arrived at Post Newspapers head office and printing press around on 21 June 17:00hours in the company of armed police, demanding that the company pays a total of K68 million (US$6.1 million) disputed tax arrears immediately.

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Building Africa’s Energy Grid Can Be Green, Smart and Affordable

PEMBA, Zambia – It’s just after two p.m. on a sunny Saturday and 51-year-old Moses Kasoka is seated outside the grass-thatched hut which serves both as his kitchen and bedroom.

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World Farmers’ Organisation Meeting Eyes New Markets, Fresh Investment

LIVINGSTONE, Zambia –  ‘No Farmer, No Food’ is an old slogan that the Zambia National Farmers’ Union still uses. Some people consider it a cliché, but it could be regaining its place in history as agriculture is increasingly seen as the answer to a wide range of the world’s critical needs such as nutrition, sustainable jobs and income for the rural poor.

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Xenophobia in Zambia: Why it won’t happen in East Africa

Most East Africans hadn’t realised that there are many Rwandans in Zambia, until last week, when mobs went on a looting rampage targeting Rwandan shopkeepers in the west of the capital, Lusaka. They were claiming that the shopkeepers were behind recent ritual killings in the city.

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Unsung Heroes of Rural Resilience

PEMBA, Southern Zambia – In scorching heat, Ellen Kacha, inspects her almost failed maize crop, which now looks promising after a rare occurrence this season — normal rainfall for at least two weeks.

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Decline and Regeneration: Zambia’s ghosts of development past

The manufacturer’s plate on the giant turbine casing hints at the vintage of the hydro-electric station: “English Electric Company Ltd, Queen’s House, Kingsway, London”. The once-great British manufacturer of railway locomotives, guided missiles, computers and Lightning and Canberra aircraft, among other iconic engineering contributions, no longer exists, subsumed into the General Electric Corporation in 1968, the merger then creating a business employing more than 250,000.

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