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God in Africa

God in Africa features documentaries highlighting the positive works underataken by various organizations, so as to make Africa a better place. Click here to watch the video produced by A24media.

Delivering Promises to Africa’s Smallholder Farmers

Arusha (Tanzania) – Investment in rural infrastructure and support for Africa’s millions of small-scale farmers have increased in the past decade. But as these farmers begin to see increased yields, the question of better access to markets comes to the fore.

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Antjie Krog and the ‘magical power of literature’

South African poet and writer Antjie Krog recently gave a talk at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town, republished in The (UK) Guardian this week. Krog spoke alongside Njabulo Ndebele, who is seminal to discussions on South African literature not only because of his call to include, in new South African narratives, the lives of women who quietly soldiered on, but also because of his beautifully crafted criticism reflecting on the need for his fellow writers to turn towards ‘ordinary’ subjects, after traumatic years of writing about the extraordinarily violent lives they led under apartheid.

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Coffee Time in Uganda

Uganda, Africa’s biggest coffee exporter, is racing against time to boost its production of the crop by 60,000 tonnes, or one million 60-kilogramme bags, within the next three years. But some industry players believe that the feat is unattainable.

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Côte d’Ivoire to revive pan-African technology magazine

The African Regional Centre for Technology (ARCT), a research agency headquartered in Senegal, plans to revive a magazine geared towards disseminating scientific research to communities across Africa. TechnoDev, a pan-African magazine on technological innovation, will be launched by the end of the year.  ARCT stopped publishing the magazine in 2010 for financial reasons.

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10 African films to watch out for, N°4


Here are another 10 films we’re hoping to see in the (near) future. First, three “fiction” films. ‘Winter of Discontent’, a film by director Ibrahim El Batout is set against the backdrop of the 2011 Tahrir Square protests, zooming in on the the lives of activist Amr (Amr Waked), journalist Farah (Farah Youssef) and state security officer Adel (Salah Alhanafy):

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