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Manufacturing Hub for High-Tech Grain Storage Systems in West Africa

Site selection under way; Hub country to serve US$6.3 billion West African Market. U.S.-based Blumberg Grain, a global provider of high-tech, vertically integrated crop and food storage systems, today announced plans to build a first-of-its-kind manufacturing plant and export hub in West Africa.

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Dateline Mangaung: Zuma reigns as credentials holds up conference

The entire Free State and North West delegations were asked to step out of the conference on Monday morning while the plenary discussed their continued participation. Irrespective of the hitches, President Jacob Zuma is coasting to a second term as ANC president with his overwhelming support among delegates evident.

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Peace and Solidarity Award for Father Kizito

Father Renato Sesana, known to everybody in Kenya as Father Kizito, has received a prestigious award assigned every year in December by the Lombardy Region in Italy for “Peace and Solidarity”. The motivation reads :”With over thirty years of intense work done in Africa struggling for justice, human rights, democracy and peace, he is committed to supporting constructive dialogue and mutual respect among peoples, and to assure that everyone can have a dignified life”.

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Homosexuality is “unAfrican” in pre-colonial history

When I read a paper by an African researcher that insinuates that Africans learnt homosexuality from Europeans (and/or Arabs), I do not go to my happy place where only thoughts of first love and first kisses rule. Rather I think about waking up in the dead of the night to a ghostly white female figure hovering over my bed.

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When Nelson Mandela goes

Yesterday we tweeted my friend Herman Wasserman’s guide to the media on how to cover Nelson Mandela’s hospitalization (it’s good advice if you’re a journalist). This morning I asked Nathan Geffen, a South African media activist (and author) whether we could republish here his post on the “when Mandela goes” meme. Geffen is one of the key people behind the groundbreaking, very non-mainstream, community news portal GroundUp. Here’s the post:

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Roundup on the Change of Prime Minister in Mali

Two days ago after having been arrested by soldiers, Mali’s Interim Prime Minister Cheick Modibo Diarra resigned from office. Since the March 21-22 military coup, there have been competing centers of power in Bamako, but as Gilles Yabi of the International Crisis Group told Reuters, ”What is really clear now is that the military junta is the one that is in control.”

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