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African Leaders Sign Deal for DRC

African leaders signed a UN-mediated deal on Sunday aimed at ending two decades of conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo and paving the way for the deployment of a new military brigade to take on rebel groups.

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Mozambican Farmers Fear Foreign Land Grabs

Maputo (Mozambique) – Mozambican farmers’ unions believe that soon land will become very scarce for locals as the government leases more and more of it to foreign agribusinesses – thus displacing thousands of rural communities and smallholder farmers with no official title deeds to their land.

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A chat with Congolese journalists and activists

Last week  I was in Congo to train a group  of journalists and activists in social media and activism. During this trip I interviewed 2 Goma-based journalists and a youth activist on the challenges of working in an area with conflicts that have no permanent front lines. Conflicts, in which often civilians pay the highest price as different armed groups fight over ever-changing political interests.

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Big Oil, human rights and sustainable development in Africa

The African continent has lost billions through mismanaged transnational transactions. These large amounts of funds could have contributed immensely to Africa’s growth. Social and environmental damages caused by activities of some multinationals in Africa have raised additional concerns. Existing legal and regulatory frameworks find themselves incapable of holding multinationals liable especially after investment treaties have been signed.

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Tuaregs and Arabs Not Ready to Return to Mali

Fatimata Wallet Haibala sits among a group of women and teenage girls under a tent, her handicapped boy on her lap. The scene could be a rural picture of a Tuareg gathering in the desert. But the mother mother of five resides in a refugee camp in Goudebo, Burkina Faso, almost 100 kilometres from their home in Mali.

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Mobile masts could help measure rain and chill vaccines

Mobile-phone masts in Africa could be used for other development initiatives, such as filling gaps in rainfall data and providing electricity to refrigerate vaccines, experts say. For example, masts could be used to measure rainfall in areas without rain gauges, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) this month (4 February).

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