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Contributing to Peace

The media component plays an important role in United Nations peacekeeping missions, says the head of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Hervé Ladsous. Interview by Anne Bennett for Hirondelle Foundation.

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South Sudan “Between Somalia and Congo”

Experts here are calling on the United States and the international community to increase pressure on the government of South Sudan to address weaknesses in its central governance. A high-level panel of scholars and government officials warned Wednesday that corruption, economic mismanagement and a lack of national unity could pose obstacles to the establishment of stability in the newly formed country.

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Is Africa about to Lose the Right to Her Seed?

Seed and the control of seed lies at the heart of agriculture. In Africa around 80% of seed comes from local and community saved seed resources. This seed is adapted to local conditions. It forms an integral part of community food security and agricultural integrity. This entire traditional system is now under threat.

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Tackling Malawi’s Doctor Deficit

Blantyre – In Malawi, where the healthcare system frequently makes headlines for its shortages of drugs and medical workers, a fact that is often overlooked is that two out of four central hospitals do not have a specialist physician in attendance.

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VICE and the “new journalism model”

The business of journalism as we know it is in trouble and there’s a scramble for a “new journalism model,” with held up as the latest prototype (see here, here and here). I am not so sure VICE is the new journalism–its partnership with “old media” (CNN, HBO) is old fashioned, it mostly produces sponsored content (nothing new there), owns an advertising agency and makes nice with Rupert Murdoch*.

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A culture of plagiarism is harming Africa’s journalists

The number of journalists with the skill and interest to take on science reporting in Africa has grown in recent years. However, most African science journalists remain woefully underpaid and under-commissioned. Getting editors to accept science stories remains a challenge in most African countries.

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