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Uganda’s First Female Funeral Director – From Taboo to Mainstream

Kampala – Uganda may have the third-highest fertility rate in the world but where there is life, death is inevitable. And it is a certainty that Regina Mukiibi Mugongo made the most of when she became this East African nation’s first ever funeral director almost two decades ago.

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The Afropolitan Must Go

My first thought when reading Taiye Selasi’s 2005 essay ‘Bye-Bye Barbar’ (or ‘What is an Afropolitan?’) was that this is the kind of sludge that would piss off Binyavanga Wainaina.

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Moçambique: Why has Renamo gone back to the bush?

Mozambique has just undergone its fourth municipal elections. With the Resistência Nacional de Moçambique (RENAMO) reiterating its strategy of not participating and its leader Alfonso Dhlakama retreating to the bush, the 20 November election preliminary results have so far given enormous advantage to the ruling party – Frente de Libertação de Moçambique (FRELIMO) – and shown a notable expansion of the Movimento Democrático de Moçambique (MDM) influence.

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Kenyan TV show imagines European refugees fleeing to Africa in 2062


Kenyan TV series Usoni plans to flip the script on immigration stories by imagining a future in which the sun is no longer visible in most parts of the world, leaving Africa as the sole oasis of sunshine.

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Mali: Access to Health Care Remains Challenging in the North

Bamako – In Mali, despite a certain political normalization, the armed conflict that has been under way for almost two years makes access to health care difficult for people living in the north. The ICRC is helping them by maintaining its support for certain health facilities.

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Malawi: Justice for the Rich, Prison for the Poor

In the last year or so, Malawi’s justice system has had more than its fair share of VIPs coming through its doors. In October 2012, several high-level officials linked to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) were arrested in connection with the death of student activist Robert Chasowa, who was murdered in 2011 when the DPP was in office.

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