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Blowing Smoke in Africa: Big Tobacco and Child Smokers

In Mtwapa, Kenya, palm trees shade 14-year-old Destiny and his young friends as they overlook a warm, white beach that backs onto the shimmering Indian Ocean. Clouding the pristine view are puffs of smoke from cigarettes they’ve purchased for a few cents per single stick at the propped-up convenience shack on the corner.

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African nutrition experts seek home-grown solutions

Mutare – African nutrition researchers and policymakers are calling for African-led indigenous knowledge and community-based approaches to solve major malnutrition problems and hunger haunting millions of people on the continent, a new study shows.

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Cyber Bullies Target Kenya’s Women

Nairobi – For a seasoned politician like Kenya’s Rachael Shebesh, few things hold her back from rallying for women’s rights. But when it comes to furthering her platform on social media – it is the one thing that this Nairobi County women’s representative avoids.

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Somalia: Prime Minister Meets with Farmers

Modadishu- Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Wednesday met with farmers to discuss the challenges they face and the help the government can provide to Somalia’s agriculture sector. The Prime Minister set out his vision of restoring the country’s strong export led agriculture sector as a key part of Somalia’s economic recovery.

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South Africa: Will the ANC Lose Any Sleep over Ramphele’s Merger with the DA?

On Tuesday morning, reporters flocked to the Townhouse Hotel in Cape Town expecting to hear that South Africa’s main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), was on the brink of making a pivotal announcement.

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Shado’man: A Documentary about Freetown’s Handicapped ‘Street Boys’

Out of the shadows a massive procession of handicapped young street dwellers appears. We are in downtown Freetown, Sierra Leone, and they move slowly like zombies of the night whilst parts of metal on crutches and wheelchairs glow in the darkness and metallic sounds echo in the otherwise empty street. It’s the opening scene of Shado’man, a film shot in darkness.

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