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Nigeria: Super Eagles Go in Search of History in Brazil

Nigeria will go in search of history when they take on France in their World Cup second round match in Brasília on Monday. Twice before Nigeria have reached the second round of the World Cup, but on both occasions in 1994 and 1998, they exited in the first knockout stage. continue reading »

Equatorial Guinea: Petition at AU Summit to Do Agric officially launched its “Do Agric, It Pays” campaign on 20 January 2014 along the margins of the 22nd Ordinary Session of the AU Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in support of the 2014 AU Year of Agriculture. continue reading »

Brenda Fassie: a revolution without harmony

In 2002 when it debuted, I went to see ‘Amandla: a Revolution in Four-Part Harmony,’ American Lee Hirsch’s film about the role of music in the anti-apartheid struggle. Uplifting and solemn at the same time, I admit, I cried. But I also doubted that the music in the film was the only, or even most interesting, music going on. continue reading »

Maternal Deaths Due to HIV a Grim Reality

An African proverb says that every woman who gives birth has one foot on her grave. Sadly, this is still true today, especially within the context of the AIDS epidemic.

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Africa: Best and Worst of Africa On World Cup Stage

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil has shown both the best and worst of African football, but also produced for the first time ever two teams from the continent into the knockout stages. That should be cause for celebration, though tinged with regret that with a bit more application, that number may have been greater. continue reading »

East Africa: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda Unite Efforts to Combat Illegal Timber Trade

Nairobi —  The East Africa Initiative on Illegal Timber Trade and REDD+ represents an innovative cross-border, multi-sectoral effort that will create a powerful deterrent to Africa’s illegal timber trade.
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