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Political Violence: The cloud looming over Lesotho

Last week in Lesotho, opposition leaders Tom Thabane and Thesele ‘Maseribane fled to Botswana and South Africa, again seeking protection from (Editor’s Note : the) SADC against what they said were assassination attempts by the Lesotho Defense Force. As Lesotho under Prime Minister Mosisili continues its pattern of political crisis, it begs the question just where political violence is rooted in a country often described ashomogenous.

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The day FIFA stole a part of us

On Wednesday morning, the unthinkable happened. The top brass of FIFA, although not the king himself, were arrested. In Zurich, of all places – where those who are rich and seek sanctuary usually get it. All through the day, developments kept coming: this vice-President of FIFA was among those arrested, the decisions to take the World Cup to the Arctic in 2018 and then the desert in 2022 were being probed for bribery allocations. And then, the bombshell.

The Americans believe that the 2010 Football World Cup was only held here because money changed hands. Ruddy great wads of it. In a world where sport has been cheapened, all of us have been ripped off. And one of the people who suffered the most in the process was a man who had already suffered too much – Madiba himself. By Stephen Grootes.

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Facebook’s free internet limits poor users

Affordable internet access should not limit users in poor countries to a tiny portion of online material, says a growing group of critics of Facebook’s initiative. In an  xopen letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 65 advocacy organisations from some 31 countries have expressed concerns that unfairly disadvantages poorer internet users by limiting their access to online information to Facebook and related sites.

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Can Buhari Fix Nigeria

Muhammadu Buhari, the new president of Nigeria, is starting from point zero. The country has all but come to a sudden halt. Schools, hospitals and the civil service have closed down. Shops have run out of goods. The street markets are empty. Most will not see the inauguration of the new President on TV. Much of Nigeria has been switched off.

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Alexandre Polack (EU Commission’s Spokesperson): “The EU Election Mission Will Only Return to Burundi if the Situation Improves”

“Ever since the Arusha Agreements, the EU has always supported the strengthening of democracy in Burundi. It was thus natural to support the electoral process and to allow the Election Observation Mission to take place. But for these elections to work, the minimum requirements must be met. The analysis of the Mission, already in place, shows that the requirements that would allow for the elections to be held in a calm and peaceful manner are not being met”.

Such is the belief of Alexandre Polack, the Spokesperson for the EU Commission, as expressed to Infos Grands Lacs.

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Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan Continues to Worsen

Munich, Germany – After peace talks failed earlier this month, the ongoing conflict in South Sudan between government forces and opposition forces that began at the end of 2013 is having a severe impact on the country’s food security and civilian safety.

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