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Interview with Cecile Kyenge: “Burundi Needs Influential African Mediators”

Brussels – “Influential African mediators must get involved in the Burundi crisis, just as Nelson Mandela did in the past”. Such is the belief of Cecile Kyenge, a Member of the European Parliament (Socialist and Democrats Group), as told in an interview with Infos Grands Lacs (Afronline’s media partner). “These mediators should be able to start completely from scratch, starting with the violence, which must stop immediately, and the issue of the third mandate of Burundian President Nkurunziza”, added the Italian MEP, who was the author of a recently launched appeal to the international community with four former Belgian ministers.

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Rising night time temperature reduces coffee yields

Climate change is affecting coffee growing areas in the East African highlands, leading to decreased in yields for farmers. According to researchers based in Colombia, South Africa and Uganda, coffee supports the livelihoods of 2.4 million people in Tanzania, with the country generating an average earnings of US$100 million a year.

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EU: still no timeframe to reach the 0.7% ODA target

In the EU Council’s conclusions on the EU Commission’s Communication entitled “A Global Partnership for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development after 2015“, EU foreign ministers “reaffirm their collective commitment to achieve the 0.7% ODA target”, but avoid mentioning a clear deadline for reaching such a goal.

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Interview with Antoine Kaburahe: “The Survival of Iwacu is a Question of Months”

The feasibility of printing 3 000 copies a few days after the failed coup was supposed to be out of the question, yet somehow they did it. Their online presence and their 150,000 loyal internet followers are also miracles in themselves. But Antoine Kaburahe is under no illusions. For the director of  Iwacu (literally “Home” in kirundi), the sole remaining independent media still operational in Burundi, “our capacity to survive remains extremely fragile”. In this interview granted to Infos Grands Lacs, Kaburahe explains the difficulties that he and his newspaper must confront.

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Standing Tall by Antoine Kaburahe – Iwacu

Following the recently failed coup, Iwacu is the sole remaining independent media left in Burundi. In this editorial, Iwacu’s director Antoine Kaburahe laments the difficulties the Burundian independent media face as well as discussing his hopes for the political future of Burundi.

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EU steps up its efforts for CAR

The European Commission is ramping up its assistance to recovery, resilience-building and development efforts in the Central African Republic, through committing an additional €72 million euros for the ongoing crisis in CAR.

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