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For the World’s Poorest, Donors Need to Step Up

Before today’s meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council on Development in Brussels, the ONE organisation launched a report titled: “DATA Report 2015: Putting the Poorest First”. The report lays out a “a five point plan for the world’s poorest” made up of access to basic services, increased domestic government revenues, development assistance, sustainable inclusive growth and strong accountability through a data revolution for the upcoming 3rd UN Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa in July.

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When Kenyan Children’s Lives Hang on a Drip

Acute watery diarrhoea is a major killer of young children but misunderstanding over the benefits of fluid treatment is preventing many Kenyan parents from resorting to this life-saving technique and threatening to reverse the strides that the country has made in child health.

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UN, Europe and Africa urge dialogue in Burundi after Feruzi killing

The United Nations, the European Union and African nations urged Burundi’s government and the opposition on Sunday not to let violence derail dialogue, after an opposition politician was shot dead and some groups said they were boycotting talks.

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New film Red Leaves’ timely depiction of the Ethiopian-Israeli struggle

Watching the film Red Leaves now as opposed to a month ago wouldn’t have gotten the same reaction. The past few weeks have seen what is probably the most extensive coverage of the Israeli-Ethiopian community since the 1996 “blood donation affair.” Then, it was discovered that Israel’s national blood bank was destroying blood donated by Ethiopian-Israelis, claiming that they are in risk to be infected.

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The oil giants are coming to Tanzania

International oil giants are bearing down on East Africa. Off the coast of Tanzania, the discovery of 46.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves has put the country on the world energy map. The number is expected to rise to 200 trillion cubic feet in the next two years, and eventually transform Tanzania into a middle-income country.

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How the Dutch government polices unwanted black bodies

An estimated 1,700 refugees have died this year in the Mediterranean trying to reach Western Europe. One of the consequences of the increased media attention, is that shifted focus onto the immigration regimes of European countries. Take the Dutch for example.

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