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EXCLUSIVE. EU-Africa: Valletta, the summit of dissent

Brussels – The EU and its African partners are meeting on November 11th and 12th in Valletta (Malta), for a summit on migration that has very uncertain political outcomes. reveals here the latest draft of the agreement between the two parties that contains an Action Plan in which return arrangements and the fight against irregular migration take precedence over mobility.

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The tyranny of distance, up close

Remember #Kony2012? In March 2012, US-based humanitarian organization Invisible Children (IC) launched its global internet-driven campaign to “make Kony famous.” Joseph Kony, the elusive leader of the insurgent Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), had been at war with the Ugandan state and its army, the Ugandan People’s Defence Force (UPDF) since the late 1980s.

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Opinion: When Schools Become Barracks, Children Suffer

Surprise turned to confusion, then to horror, when the children at Kiata primary school realized that the soldiers they had spotted at the bottom of the hill were heading for their school and its occupants.

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Op-Ed: How Africa can fix the International Criminal Court

The ruling African National Congress’s demand that the South African government should pull out of the International Criminal Court is defeatist, naïve and reactionary. African states have largely themselves to blame for the fact that the continent has been singled out by the court, and rather than withdraw they should use their political muscle to ensure that prosecutions are brought against non-African leaders too. continue reading »

India-Africa summit: 54 African countries and India hold talks

The Third India Africa Summit takes place in New Delhi between October 26-30. Over 50 African countries are expected to take part with most of them represented by their heads of state or government. This will be India’s most important and extensive outreach and will set the stage for even more economic and political interaction between India and Africa.

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Agricultural Keys to Malaria in African Highlands

Kampala (Uganda) – Sixty-five years after a major international summit here on malaria, the mosquito-borne disease remains a scourge and its incidence may even be rising in parts of sub-Saharan Africa due to the combined effects of climate change, agricultural practices and population displacement. Almost half the world’s population is deemed at risk of malaria, and an estimated 214 million people will contract it in 2015, with nearly half a million dying.

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