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Concord, Caritas Europe: Dear EU Member States, please be coherent on SDGs and migration

Today, the EU Foreign Affairs will meet in Luxembourg to discuss, amongst other topics, development and migration issues. Concord and Caritas Europa urge the European Council to strengthen the EU Policy Coherence on Development, stressing the need to go beyond “in silo” thinking, and to adopt a balanced and people-focused approach to migration and mobility.

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Instagrammer Fati Abubakar takes us beyond Boko Haram in Borno State

Since its inception, Africa is a Country has been challenging parochial notions of African representation across a wide range of mediums. However, it could be argued that among the different communication channels, photography in particular has the most powerful impact to shape audience opinions about the people and places it reflects. It is photography that burns images into our minds as viewers, images which serve as reference points and endure over time, even when we close our eyes.

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Harnessing Foreign Direct Investment

Dubbed the new investment frontier, Africa’s attractiveness is becoming more visible to large corporations, institutions and investors. Reflecting this, foreign investment (FDI) flows have grown exponentially since the turn of the millennium. Countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Morocco are leading the way.

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African feminists reclaim twitter with #FeministWhilstAfrican

The internet is increasingly a space for intellectual debates; with the ability to connect with like-minded people with similar interests, one can find people who enjoy discussing literature, scientific advancements or even the lastest piece of fluff holiday reading. Increased internet and mobile penetration in Africa has provided Africans a space to challenge dominant narratives about the continent often advanced by western media, and African feminists recently had their day when #FeministWhileAfrican was trending.

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EU calls Burundi to talks in Brussels over crisis

Burundi’s government will be invited to talks in Brussels to seek a solution to a political crisis in the central African country that has killed more than 120 people, EU diplomats say, warning of a suspension of aid if talks fail.

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Kenya: We ask the Government that FGM is Taught in all the Schools

There are between 140 to 160 millions of women in the world have undergone Female Genital Mutilation, 3 million girls are  at risk every year only in the African continent.

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