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What does China’s role in Africa say about its growing global footprint?

China’s ties to Africa are likely to get stronger this year as the world’s biggest economy appears poised to once again double its investments across the fast-growing continent. The run-up to the sixth Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) to be held early next month in South Africa is under way. The forum – in its 15th year and the first held under President Xi Jinping’s administration – has been the main venue for setting the investment, trade and integration agenda between China and countries in Africa.

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Angola: Rapper MCK Forbidden to Leave Angola

The Angolan immigration services have barred the well-known rapper MCK, from leaving Luanda’s International Airport, to perform at a Rap Festival in Brazil on November 26. MCK told Maka Angola that the immigration officials told him that they had “superior orders” to prevent him from leaving the country.

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At 78, busy schedule shows Pope Francis is as fit as a fiddle

At 78-years Pope Francis has since ascension to the pinnacle of the Catholic Church kept a busy schedule that has shown a rare level of fitness in old age. The secret to coping with such intense itinerary, according to the Vatican officials quoted in the Huffington Post, is a strict routine of sleeping, naps, prayer and meditation.

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US sanctions four Burundians blamed for crisis

President Barack Obama on Monday issued an executive order imposing sanctions on four prominent figures in Burundi whom the United States says are contributing to the country’s insecurity. The freeze on assets and restrictions on visas to enter the US targets the Minister for Public Security Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Godefroid Bizimana, the deputy director-general of the national police, Maj Gen Godefroid Niyombare, former chief of Burundi’s intelligence service and Cyrille Ndayirukiye, former minister for defence.

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Aflatoxins: Poisoning Health and Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa

Aflatoxin contamination is a growing threat to trade, food and health security in sub-Saharan Africa, where smallholder farmers are challenged by food production and now climate change, researchers said. Aflatoxins are toxic and cancer causing poisons produced by certain green mould fungus that naturally occurs in the soil. 

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Corruption as mass murder is Buhari’s new battle cry

There is a happy practice in Africa of countries adopting what is working in other nations on the continent. So one starts free primary education, and soon others follow. In the reforms of the 1990s and early 2000s, after the old state structures had failed dismally, semi-independent executive agencies became the fashion, so everyone created a new Revenue Authority, a Civil Aviation Authority, an Investment Promotion Board, a Communications Commission.

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