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Missing the boat? The cost of postponing the Lomé maritime summit

Just two weeks before Africa’s maritime decision makers were due to meet in early November in Lomé, Togo for a summit on security, safety and development, the Togolese government announced that the meeting was cancelled. No new dates were given, and the official explanation was the lack of infrastructure to host proceedings and lodge participants.

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That time an African team played in Spain’s La Liga

The all-time Spanish Primera División table holds in it remarkable stories of Spanish football history. The standings unearth past epochs of preeminence and point to many of the shifts in power to occur over the course of La Liga history since the league was established in 1922.

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2015: Africa for Optimists

There has been plenty to celebrate in Africa this year, from successful elections and brave new leaders, to winning the fight against Ebola. 

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The Politics of Control and Ownership over Women’s Bodies

Discourses that shape reproductive and sexual rights in Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe is a predominantly conservative and Christian society which, akin to many countries on the continent, supports patriarchal traditional and religious philosophies. These often-restrictive ideologies and practices are deeply entrenched in conventional Christian churches (e.g. Roman Catholic), African Christian churches (e.g. Apostolic and Pentecostal), and African traditional religion, among others.

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The Nairobi Ministerial: Time to Pull the Plug on the Doha Development Round?

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is holding its 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. While a deal promoting the interests of developed countries, known as the Doha Development Agenda (DDA), has been in the making for nearly 15 years, negotiations have been deadlocked.

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Against the corruption of hip hop in Burkina Faso

With his gravely flow, gliding over foreboding beats, Art Melody has always been one of the more commanding voices out of, and for West African Hip Hop.

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