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Burundi: Bigirimana family says its security is threatened

Bujumbura – The wife of the journalist of Iwacu Press Group gone missing since 22 July 2016 says unknown people threw stones at the roof of her house on which they also wrote with blood words like ‘keba’ meaning ‘cut, be watchful, an opponent’ depending upon the context, in the night of 26 March. She asks that her security be strengthened.

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Photo competition: Change the Planet through your Lens

As part of the “Change for the planet- Care for the people” campaign, CIDSE, the European platform of Catholic NGOs, of which Focsiv is also part, has launched an international photo competition targeted both at professional photographers and amateurs who particularly care for social and environmental change. Deadline to submit photos: April 23rd 2017.

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“Too Deep For Mere Outrage” – On Corruption in Nigeria

On May 27, 2015, on the eve of the inauguration of the current presidency of Muhammadu Buhari, Transparency International published a press statement meant to keep the incoming president engaged with the fight against corruption. Africa is a country publishes an edited version of emailed questions and answers between Akin Adesokan and Chuma Nwokolo, two Nigerian writers, reflecting on the pervasive nature of official corruption in Nigeria.

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Why another ‘massive’ Zimbabwean opposition rally flopped

The major hope for opposition success against Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF lies in an opposition collation. But this is unlikely to be easily formed by the major parties who cannot agree on how to configure an alliance or who should lead it.

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Tanzania: Is our media legislation from Uzbekistan?

The Tanzania government has over the past couple of years been outdoing itself in trying to make sure that the little media space that exists in the country is dead and buried. Alas, it may succeed.

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The unfinished business between Cameroon and France

La Guerre du Cameroun reveals the façade of a sovereign Cameroonian state behind which France negotiated, with the Cameroonian leaders of its choice, its post-independence strategic and economic hold on the Cameroonian government against a backdrop of counterrevolutionary and psychological warfare.

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