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Guinea: Conde declared winner in Presidential election 0

Opposition leader Alpha Conde has been declared the winner of Guinea’s presidential runoff election. According to electoral Commission, Mr Conde gained 52.5% of votes in the 7 November poll against former Prime Minister Cellou Dalein Diallo.

Outside Conde’s residence, hundreds of cheering supporters surrounded his house in jubilation. About eight soldiers who made up his security contingent fired their AK-47s into the air in celebration.

The announcement capped a day of violence in the capital city of Conakry during which supporters of Conde and challenger Cellou Dalein Diallo claimed victory in the November 7 runoff election.

Alpha Conde declared victory in a tense race ahead of official results which rival Diallo is threatening to reject, alleging voting fraud.

Conde, 72, made the comments to radio stations today, Makale Traore, campaign director for Conde’s Rally of the Guinean People, said by phone from Conakry, the capital. The announcement sparked fighting between rival groups of supporters in the city, Agence France-Presse said. The electoral commission was expected to announce provisional results at 6 p.m. local time.

While Diallo urged a further delay in the release of results on Sunday night for accusations of fraud to be probed, Conde called a press conference on Monday, declaring in front of journalists: “I know I have won.”

“I have won four out of five di stricts in Conakry, all of the Lower Guinea prefectures except for Boke, all of the Forest prefectures and Upper Guinea. How could I not win?” he said.

Conde said the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) “must publish the results on Monday and meet its deadlines”.

Commission chairman Siaka Sangare said on Sunday he had received Diallo’s complaints but added: “I sincerely believe that we have treated all claims with the maximum attention.”

Diallo said he would not accept provisional results if they were announced on Monday.

It was critical that the electoral commission fully examine what he described as “massive fraud at all levels”, he said.

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Sources: Afp, BusinessWeek

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