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Africa: Church urged to fight against Corruption 1

“Africa is under-developed and faces many social, economic and political problems because some of the leaders were either corrupt or believed in it,” stressed the Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, Dr. Patrick Lumumba.

Officially opening a three-day 3rd International Conference on CorruptionA threat to justice and sustainable peace in Africa (May 10-12) at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, May 10, Dr Lumumba said the Church remained one of the institutions at the forefront when it comes to the fight against corruption on the continent.

“But, first we have to ensure that the institution is clean from the incoming forces such as tribalism and nepotism. We have heard of cases, whereby some Church followers have raised eyebrows , when a  priest or a bishop has been picked from other communities, but not from that of their own,”,  he further told the 150 delegates , drawn from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the United States of America, USA.

Citing the DRC as a case at hand, Dr. Lumumba said despite the country being endowed with various resources, minerals included, it was disappointing that many of its people languished in poverty.

“This was out of corruption, otherwise how else would you explain this unfortunate scenario,” pointed Dr. Lumumba. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and Catholic University of Eastern Africa, through its Centre for Social Justice and Ethics and Research Development Unit have jointly sponsored the Conference.

Dr Lumumba said the per capita of some countries such as Brazil was equivalent to the economies of the entire 54 countries of Africa.

He stressed the need for Africa to work harder on its economic advancement, saying that countries such as Singapore, was where we are today, but have effectively advanced, partly because of its seriousness in the fight against corruption and severe punishment for economic saboteurs.

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  1. Corruption in Africa is one major cause of continued under development. It is a vice that we should all try to eliminate. The question however should be at individual level. About what are you doing about corruption?

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