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EXPO Milan 2015: First Cluster group of Cocoa and Coffee producing countries 0

The first Cluster group of the coffee  and cocoa producing countries gathered today at the Italian Latin American Institute in Rome, in view of the Expo 2015. The Cluster model participation is one of the most representative aspects of the Universal Expo 2015 that will take place in Milan from 1st May to 31 October 2015.

These innovative exhibition areas gather a number of countries engaging them on a specific and representative issue. The cluster model participation has been conceived as the ideal way of participation for the countries which want to apply the principles stated by the BIE regulations: “…showing the progress that have been made…showing the means to satisfy the needs of society and illustrating their future  perspectives”, the Cluster model represents an ideal solution for the participation of the countries which do not intend to take part in the event with their own display areas.

Expo Milan 2015 does not adopt the traditional solution based on a geographic criterion. Through Cluster, the organization promotes cooperation with and among the countries, encouraging them to compare different cultural traditions and innovative approaches to the Feeding the Planet – Energy is Life issue, and solutions to the common challenges in the fields of agriculture, nutrition and wellbeing.

Different countries will work on the development of the same theme in a common exhibition area but they will keep their own identity. This model will allow countries from different areas and continents  to work together, in order to go beyond the traditional set up of the Expo exhibition areas and strengthen the universal character of Expo Milano 2015.

Each Cluster will represent the starting of a thematic itinerary, that will have the same title of the Cluster and will be part of the Exhibition Area of the Expo. The Clusters will have common areas for events, meetings, catering and commercial activities shared by the countries involved, in order to guarantee a new participatory experience for the visitors.

Conceived as an innovative approach to visiting the Expo, the Thematic Itineraries aim at capturing the interest of all types of visitors. Visitors will have the opportunity to choose from several possible visiting routes and focus their attention on any specific articulation of the theme that attracts them. Through the Itineraries, visitors will be able to perceive and fully experience the thematic content of the Expo and to concentrate their interests on a specific development of the theme. Participants will have the opportunity to organize their Exhibition Spaces and Events as a part of these Itineraries.

More information on the Expo Milan 2015 website.


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