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Angola 2010: The experts’ predictions 0

Who would be crowned the next African Champions in football as the 27th edition of the African Cup of Nations is underway in Angola? Can Egypt win it for the third consecutive time or would it be the tournament favourites Ivory Coast or Cameroon? AfricaNews asked its local experts for their thoughts:

Which two countries would make it to the finals and hopefully who would eventually be crowned champions?

Sanday Chongo Kabange – Lusaka, Zambia: Egypt and Angola will reach the finals of this year’s AFCON and Angola will win the trophy on home ground advantage. Two goals to one to be precise.

Kingsley Kobo – Abidjan, Ivory Coast: It’s hard to tell in a competition like the African Cup of Nations. This tournament is one of the toughest football events in the world, where so many details come to play. I mean talent, mentality, physical strength, historic advantage, team management (intrusion of government officials in team’s affairs) and superstition – don’t rule this out!

But there have been few surprises in the competition like the World Cup as well, and so, I think the big teams will filter themselves out from the lot and stand out to the quarter finals. I can see Angola, Cote D’Ivoire, Algeria and Cameroon, in the final rectangle, with Cote D’Ivoire and Angola making it through to the finals. I believe the Ivorians will lift the cup.

Walter Nana Wilson – Buea, Cameroon: Cameroon and Ghana will make it to the finals of the Orange African Cup of Nations. And the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon will win the prestigious trophy.

Selay Marius Kouassi – Abidjan, Ivory Coast: Ivory Coast and Cameroon will make it to the finals. The Elephants of Ivory Coast will be crowned champions of AFCON 2010.

Kemo Cham – Dakar, Senegal: Egypt, the defendng champions, with a terrific record in the continental tournament, having won it twice more than any other nation, remains a force to be reckoned with.

Sam Banda Junior – Blantyre, Malawi: Ivory Coast and Cameroon are expected to reach the finals taking into consideration their strength. Ivory Coast with their deadly striker Didier Drogba will finally be crowned champions.

Glorea Bentil – Accra, Ghana: Egypt and Ivory Coast are the possible two but I’ll personally love to see Ghana play against the host Angola in the finals. Surely, Ghana would lift the trophy if that happens.

How would people in your country feel if a country in your region wins the trophy?

Sanday Chongo Kabange – Lusaka, Zambia: They would be glad if a team from the region won the trophy. It has happened in the past and it would happen again. Even though this is an African masterpiece, issues of regions emerge every time there is such a prestigious tournament, East Africans will rally behind their regional compatriots, while East, North or even Southern Africans will support a team from the region if their national team is defeated or kicked out of the tournament. Zambians would be most happy if the Chipolopolo won or even host Angola or Malawi.

Kingsley Kobo – Abidjan, Ivory Coast: Naturally, as a Nigerian, I’d be in bliss if the Super Eagles emerge as the gold winner at the 27th African Nations Cup. I’ll have plenty of things to write about. As for the people of Nigeria, I think it will bring strength and hope anew, because as you may know, Nigerians are at gloom at the moment, owing to the failing health of their president. So, a victory from Angola might wake up everybody, even sick President Yar’Adua from his hospital bed.

Kemo Cham – Dakar, Senegal: From the look of things here, we are likely to see the biggest victory party with a victorious Ivory Coast. Only that my own assumption put the defending champions, the North Africans, Egypt, as the favourite.

Sam Banda Junior – Blantyre, Malawi: It will be great if any country from the SADC region wins the trophy and in that I mean Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Angola. SADC has been completely written off and if one of the teams wins, people will be happy in Malawi as it will be history in the making for SADC.

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Analysis by AfricaNews reporters: Sanday Chongo Kabange, Zambia, Kingsley Kobo, Ivory Coast, Walter Nana Wilson, Cameroon, Selay Marius Kouassi, Ivory Coast, Kemo Cham, Senegal, Sam Banda Junior, Malawi and Glorea Bentil, Ghana

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