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Civil society on the frontline in Expo 2015 0

Brussels – An area of approximately 8,000 square meters of the Expo Milan 2015 site, will be entirely devoted to national and international Civil Society. The Cascina Triulza pavillon, an antique rural Lombard construction, will be used as a reference hub for local and international networks of the Third Sector.

It will actively involve visitors in developing the theme “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life” and building initiatives “for a fairer and more sustainable future in cooperation with institutions and economic operators.”

“The aim of the pavilion is to recognize the ability of civil society to be a key player in the big EXPO game”, the Italian MEP Patrizia Toia, (Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats) stressed at the pavilion presentation held at the European Parliament yesterday.

Open from May 1 to October 31, 2015, the Universal Exhibition, that will be held in Milan, Italy, will host 142 “Official Participants” (144 countries and 3 International organizations) and is expected to welcome over 20 million visitors. Its main activities will range from technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity with a focus on how they relate to food and nutrition. CSOs and private sector will be joining as “non-official” participants.

The Civil society pavilion will be managed by Fondazione Triulza, a network of 60 Italian Civil Society organisations (such as Action Aid and Oxfam Italia, Legacoop Lombardia, Confcooperative, Forum del Terzo Settore) that will be coordinating a vast program of events in cooperation with Expo 2015, as “Non Official Participants”.

A fundamental and central feature of the Pavillon management model is the direct involvement of Italian and international CSOs in building the Cultural Program. Fondazione Triulza is already collecting the requests and proposals of CSOs to organise their participation during the 6-month Universal Exhibition. This process has been carrying forward through a continuous dialogue with civil network and specific calls for ideas published by Fondazione Triulza and Expo 2015 S.p.A. So far, 160 organizations have already submitted more than 190 proposals during the first two calls of “Exploding your idea! Destination Expo Milano 2015”. A third call, launched on 20 November 2014, will be opened until October 2015. “What we hope is to see a growing number of international organisations, in particular from Africa, submitting proposals for our third ongoing call”, Fondazione Triulza Director General, Chiara Pennasi told

The theme of Expo Milan is of vital importance for the European Union (EU), which has a leading role in the debate on food and sustainability. With its participation the EU aims to reinforce its position, highlight its achievements and take this opportunity to work towards finding common solutions to these issues with other international organisations, countries and private stakeholders.

According to Julia Beile, Deputy Director EU Pavillon – EU Task force for Expo, “the EU is starting a dialogue in order to build bridges between the EU and CSOs”, as she explained while presenting the EU Pavillon.

“EXPO 2015 must be used by CSOs as an instrument to build a renewed universal cooperation model, to fight poverty hunger and inequality and to achieve a more sustainable future: let’s hope it won’t be a missed opportunity”, Elly Schlein, Italian MEP, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament commented.

By Eva Donelli –

Image credit: Expo Milan

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