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Was Gilles Cistac murdered to make Frelimo look bad? 1

Some say that Gilles Cistac was murdered to make Frelimo look bad. If that was the objective, they succeeded. On Thursday the Frelimo spokesperson, sounding like a wounded buffalo, in trembling voice, accused the social media of blaming the Party for the assassination without justification.

Saturday’s march was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the Party’s solidarity with the people and its abhorrence of what its press and media call a “barbarous act”. The march started peacefully from the site of the murder with the only outward signs of turbulence taking place around the car handing out free “Je suis Gilles Cistac” T shirts.

The crowd was not huge but it was a good turnout of a broad cross-section of society from young students, Muslims, government functionaries to the ageing and increasingly disillusioned cooperantes who remembered quite a different Frelimo from their time, as I did when I first came here in 1982.

The march was very well-organized, setting off in separate blocks, led by a lead chanter with megaphone, urging us to accompany him or her. Ours struggled with French, shouting out – inadvertently underscoring the sacrifice – “Jesus Gilles Cistac.”  The atmosphere was of subdued camaraderie. As we moved slowly along the ironically named Rua de Martires de Machava, we stopped to pay homage to the previous victim of this street – Carlos Cardoso.

On Avenida de Zimbabwe we had a minute’s silence for Gilles followed by a very long and impassioned applause. We then snaked around and congregated in front of the Faculty of Law where Gilles lectured. Brief eulogies were given and we were then directed to the Praça de Independência.

The march was dignified and calm and I was thankful that at least in Maputo the police would not be so stupid  as to stop the march as they had so absurdly done in Beira two days earlier to the incredulity of all. I had expected senior Frelimo cadres to join to show solidarity and demonstrate that Nyusi’s government is much closer to the people than his predecessor and that they, too, were horrified with the act. But on consulting with a well-informed journalist, apart from Abdul Carim (who was more likely to have been there due to his involvement with civil society), not one notable personality had pitched – a far cry from Hollande and the mayor of Paris, leading the Je suis Charlie rallies.

 Their absence was difficult to comprehend as it would have been so easy to extend a hand of sympathy and help bring Frelimo back to the povo after its last 8 years of aloofness and arrogance.

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written by Fion de Vletter

Photo Credit:  Fion de Vletter

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  1. Gwendoline says:

    Professor,descrevi no post referente ao Dlakama 4, aqulio que era apenas Hipotese, pensamento, o campo de todas as possibelidades.gostaria de desenvolver, no mesmo campo de todas as possibelidades,um pouco mais, se o proessor me permitir.Desta vez apenas introduzindo a FRELIMO, assim , diria que a FRELIMO tera que usar todos os recursos disponiveis, coercivos ou nao, para vencer as eleicoes de 2009. e tera que os usar, porque existem varios negocios ja programados de forma que milhoes de dolares entrem para os bolsos da a FRELIMO perde as eleicoes, as elites dexam de as ser, equacionasse valores antigos e futunas antigas, isso por si so justifica os meios todos. ate a apropriacao dum simples slogan duma oposicao DESARMADA e mesma actuacao, a RENAMO representa uma ameaca e um orgulho descabido. pra FRELIMO o DLAKAMA e RENAMO existirem, pode por si so, e note-se, no proprio pensamento FRELIMISTA pode representar uma DERROTA.a RENAMO depois de ser humilhada esses anos todos, ou ate desde a sua existencia, ve o culminar da humilhacao pessoal ao DLAKAMA, a nao aceitacao do GUEBUZA para qualquer tipo de conversa ou ate debate construtivo sempre proposto pela RENAMO e DLAKAMA.Podera efectivamente haver movimento militar da FRELIMO,uma vez que a FRELIMO se encontra encurralada.”duas frentes de combate, e a retaguarda desguarnecida”Assim faltando argumentos democraticos ‘a FRELIMO, e pondo em risco os milhoes de dolares de negocios das elites, essas poderao efectivamente, empurrar o partido para Movimentos Militares que permitam coercivamente vencer as eleicoes.acredito que os Membros da FRELIMO se comecam a sentir se envergonhados e a procura de novas opcoes partidarias, pois a mesma FRELIMO nao consegue beneficiar todos os seus membros. as elites pertendem manter o status quo mesmo dentro da FRELIMO. e existindo a naturesa humana, existirao tambem dentro da FRELIMO membros com o bom-senso, aqueles que alguma vez acreditaram efectivamente num Mocambique Justo.Sera interresante ver o papel destes membros da FRELIMO que se consideram com bom-senso. a FRELIMO demontra agora a sua verdadeira face. ve-mo-la (FRELIMO) tal como ela ‘e e pensa!Hipotese, Pensamento, Campo de Todas as Possibelidades.

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