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  • on 29.05.2015
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Alexandre Polack (EU Commission’s Spokesperson): “The EU Election Mission Will Only Return to Burundi if the Situation Improves” 0

“Ever since the Arusha Agreements, the EU has always supported the strengthening of democracy in Burundi. It was thus natural to support the electoral process and to allow the Election Observation Mission to take place. But for these elections to work, the minimum requirements must be met. The analysis of the Mission, already in place, shows that the requirements that would allow for the elections to be held in a calm and peaceful manner are not being met”.

Such is the belief of Alexandre Polack, the Spokesperson for the EU Commission, as expressed to Infos Grands Lacs.

Mr. Polack’s declaration follows yesterday’s decision by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, the Italian Federica Mogherini, to suspend the EU Election Observation Mission in Burundi. Polack evokes “the climate of violence and intimidation against the opposition and civil society, the restriction of the media, an excessive use of force against people who wish to protest peacefully and a lack of confidence in the electoral authorities” as being responsible for this decision.

“Obviously, we want these elections to take place when the conditions are met“, added the Spokesperson for the EU Commission. If this does occur, the EU will ensure that “the Election Mission returns. This is why we are encouraging the efforts of the Special Representative of the United Nations, the African Union and the East African Community, in order to produce a real dialogue” and create “a peaceful electoral climate”.

by Joshua Massarenti for Infos Grands Lacs, in collaboration with Afronline

Click Here to listen to the original interview in French

Translated by Kevin Hind

Photo Credit: Infos Grands Lacs

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