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  • on 22.10.2015
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Kenya: We ask the Government that FGM is Taught in all the Schools 0

There are between 140 to 160 millions of women in the world have undergone Female Genital Mutilation, 3 million girls are  at risk every year only in the African continent.

We do not need a treaty or a convention to acknowledge the irreversible health problems, which FGM leads to. Just as a mean of general understating, the main risks go from genital infections, to fistula, from heavy hemorrhages to complications during childbirth, from painful intercourse and menstruation to infertility, from septicemia to death. Without including the tremendous psychological effects of it: depression, sense of loss, lack of desire, anxiety, to mention some.  FGM for the above reasons has to be condemned as a violation of children’s and women rights.

The main justifications for FGM are religion and culture. No religion has ever demanded FGM to be practiced and culture is a transformative process which can change as we change and can’t be supportive of a crime such as FGM.

In culture, people represent and identify themselves. In culture, people feel “safe”. Practicing communities say it is tacitly known that girls must undergo FGM when they reach the right age, as a way out from childhood to womanhood because culture demands it. But what happens when culture generates violence. Yes, violence is cultural. Violence does not exist in nature, so it is a cultural construct and as FGM is a form of abuse as it violates the basic rights and integrity of girls and women, it is a form of violence. We need to acknowledge that there’s no other way to eradicate violence (any form of violence) if not through culture itself. It is a big deal, indeed, because it requires a lot of guts to discuss one’s people principles and at the same time open to different perspectives on issues, which past generations gave for granted.

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by Valentina Aacava Mmaka

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