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  • on 08.02.2016
  • at 02:20 PM
  • by Kimberley Evans

I am an African, and the ICC is still not targeting me; what about you? 0

Somebody go tell these our rulers on the African continent that they are not even funny anymore.

Time was when people everywhere would be regaled by the clowning idiocies of such macabre characters as Uganda’s Idi Amin Dada, VSOP, B737, BBC, WHO, LKS, CBE, among his many self-inflicted honours, and Jean-Bedel Bokasssa, grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte and ruler of the Central African Empire.

In those days, it was easier for the world at large to laugh at the excesses of such individuals and to a certain extent discount their murderous enterprises, because the world saw these monsters as quintessentially African: Primitive, childlike, innocent savages. As long as the deaths they authored remained exclusively African — and were not on television — it was possible for the moralists of the world to ignore the whole thing and still keep a tranquil conscience.

Today’s atrocities are transmitted in real time to our handheld platforms. Twenty four-seven, the living rooms of the world become mini-theatres where the most gory and heartrending dramas are played out. The audio-visual informational nexus has given a new urgency to many crises the likes of which would have flown under the radar a generation ago.

The African people, too, have changed, transformed in part by the very technology that is allowing the above to be true, but also by the inexorable laws of motion that tell us what was an infant last decade must morph into an adult today and an elder next decade as it progresses toward death, itself allowing for a new infancy.

Notwithstanding the rear-guard battles waged by our rulers who would wish the Web away, even elderly citizens are learning to use these liberating spaces on the net to receive and transmit information concerning their lives and the issues affecting them.

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by Jenerali Ulimwengu

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