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Burundi: No great hopes for Arusha results 0

Whereas the second session of inter-Burundi dialogue is to start soon, different opinions from both the civil society and some political protagonists show that they don’t believe in the dialogue results.

“Our conviction is that any negotiated solution will only be viable if it is, on the one hand, the product of a truly inclusive dialogue open to all stakeholders, including armed movements, and, on the other hand, if it emphasizes  common interests rather than  particular ones”, says the Burundi civil society association in exile.

CNARED board says its members cannot attend negotiations led by the facilitation it does not recognize. “There is a dispute between CNARED and Benjamin William’s facilitation which has not been resolved”, says CNARED board.

CNARED board also says it will send a high-level delegation to Arusha. The task of the delegation will be to reiterate its request: they want the facilitation to be strengthened by a team of the United Nations and the African Union in order to make it independent, credible and impartial.

Evariste Ndayishimiye, Secretary General of Burundi ruling party-CNDD FDD, said the government cannot talk with criminals.” We are ready to talk with Burundians who have fled the country because of fear but not with criminals who are prosecuted. Will the government have a dialogue with the criminals?” says Ndayishimiye.

“How can you invite to peace talks politicians or organizations that have opted for violence as the only way of putting forward their claims?”, says Alain Aimée Nyamitwe, referring to the list of the participants.

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By Rosette Butoyi

Picture credit: Suspected Burundian rebels that were captured in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) more than a year ago and that are to be extradited to Burundian authorities are transported on a police truck, in Gatumba, at the border of Burundi and DR Congo, on January 31, 2017. O. Nibigira/AFP/Getty Images.

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