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World Cup: Cameroon abandons Eto’o 0

BRUSSELS – It has almost made the country fall into despair. The recent defeat of the Lions (1-0) against Japan has left Cameroonians deeply disappointed. Disappointed because of the match, but mostly because of their captain Eto’o and his performance. From Yaoundé, Jean-François Delibi, political editor at the first Cameroonian independent newspaper, Mutations, confirms the general mood of all the football fans in the country.

What is the mood in the Cameroonian capital?

Jean-François Delibi: It’s definitely bad. After the match between the Netherlands and Denmark, people understood that beating Japan was a must. Now the situation is more complicated. And fans are disappointed. I miss the amazing celebrations which took place during the 1990 Italy World Cup. In Yaoundé circulating on the roads was almost impossible. People used to party all night long. The weather is rainy at the moment and it makes the mood worsen. You can imagine how negative people have become.

There must be a lot of controversies…

Delibi: I have to say that we have fabulous players, but I don’t think that they are ready for such a big event.

Eto’o is not exactly a young boy…

Delibi: In our eyes, Eto’o is a mystery. Before the World Cup, the former Cameroon star Roger Milla said that he is great when he plays with Barcelona and Inter, but not when he is in the national team. This is the feeling among Cameroonians. His performances are not exciting. I think that expectations are too high. Everybody thinks that he will be a legend just like Roger Milla. But it isn’t easy at all. We cannot blame him for the failure of the match.

Who else is responsible?

Delibi: Problems in game planning are evident. And that’s why Japan was overwhelming.

With the Netherlands and Denmark you must win. Are there any hopes?

Delibi: I’ll be honest. Our chances are poor. I can imagine the controversies that will explode when the Lions return. Unfortunately Cameroonians have a big problem: they cannot forget the legendary exploit at the Italian World Cup. However, they have to accept that we cannot take part in the quarterfinals at each World Cup. The Milla generation is over. Now we need to make our great young talents grow in a relaxed atmosphere. But people go crazy for football. Also, our players were given 45 million CFA Francs [around 65,000 euros] for their participation at the World Cup when they left the country for South Africa. The financial crisis has hit Cameroon hard and citizens have become strict about it.

By Joshua Massarenti

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