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Sudan: a World Cup of justice, peace, and reconciliation 4

No, it is not a mistake. It really is South Sudan and not South Africa. It started as a joke and with a few witty remarks: later, little by little (amat, amat), it is becoming a reality. Just a few of our youngsters and some of the pastoral agents from Mapourdit and from the Rumbek diocese really believed in it: to bring the first African Football World Cup, held in South Africa, here at our home place, in South Sudan.

South Sudan is preparing to the Secession Referendum in January 2011. The citizens of the South will be called to the polls to decide whether to remain united to North Sudan or to become independent. Therefore, a new nation.

The Elections of April 2010 left many doubts, but all in all they went as all the people expected that they should result. That is both Bashir and Salva Kiir have been respectively re-elected in the North and in the South of Sudan. There are many new State Governors and members of the various parliaments that have now to face a historical moment as the 2011 Referendum is going to be.

There already are tensions and different opinions, not only in Sudan but also among the politicians and the Governments of the neighbouring countries: many of them are not in favour of the independence, for various reasons, and just a few, to tell the truth, favour the independence and the freedom of the people from South to decide upon their future.

Mapourdit World Cup: Justice and Peace must prevail

It is in this perspective that we thought to organize a succession of events tied up with the Football World Cup. The main aim is to involve the entire community of Mapourdit Village and of the surrounding district in the events. To involve them in this African celebration that is going to have a worldwide stage. For a whole month the lights will be not only on South Africa but also on the whole continent.

We have given a title to our World Cup: โ€œMapourdit World Cup. Justice, Peace and Reconciliation must prevail!โ€

We focus on the important values of Peace, Justice, Reconciliation and Solidarity as the main pillars of a common way of living that enriches the various nations and tribes. This initiative and many more that we will start together in the coming months, will create an environment and atmosphere of dialogue, sharing and reflection in order to better understand this important historical step that these people are about to accomplish towards independence. Either we unite together or all together will succumb to another war.

In 2005 Sudan came out of 22 years of war and the Peace Agreement signed in Nairobi foresaw a set of initiatives that should bring a long lasting peace and solve endemic problems between North and South. A land that is rich with oil and many other resources already had 2 millions dead and many more millions people displaced within the country and abroad. Among the initiatives included in the Peace Agreement: the political elections that took place – with a certain delay – in April 2010 and the Secession Referendum to be held in January 2011.

Before the April Elections some of the Dinka clans of our zone, Apak, Jang, Atout and others in other zones of South Sudan have been fighting leaving on the ground several thousand dead, most of all young people. Statistics show that they have been more than 2000 in 2009.

These are not good signs for a country that wants to become independent and mostly counts on the young for its future.

Think also to the fact that the South President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, re-elected in the recent polls, during his speech when taking the oath, said that 22.838 weapons of various types have been confiscated to the civilian population, most of them from youngsters. Therefore not only tension with North Sudan, but also growing tension in the South among the various ethnic groups.

Peace Education in full swing

At the end, it is necessary to educate people to Peace, Justice, Reconciliation and to reciprocal respect. I always considered sport as a wonderful vehicle to educate to life, to reciprocal acceptance and to the healthy competition that takes people not only to improve themselves but also to respect each other.

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By Fr. Daniele Moschetti, Comboni Missionaries for (from

For more information about Comboni Missionaries activities in Korogocho, Kenya and Sudan visit www.korogocho.og

Picture by UNICEF UK, children playing football in Sudan

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