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World Cup: The Afrikaners final 2

At the first African World Cup, the final will be stage for the colonizers’ heirs. The thought naturally comes after the Netherlands success. Streets of Johannesburg are full of orange flags, the colour of the Netherlands monarchy. However, past is far and numerous South Africans are proud of their “ancestors.”

But – the Christian Science Monitor reports – among some black South Africans, the Netherlands’s ties to the founders of apartheid make it difficult to support, even if only for one game.

“Holland are playing good football, but naturally, I don’t like them for their kith and kin who enslaved our forefathers during the Apartheid era,” says Hasani Chauke, who once worked at an Afrikaner’s farm in Limpopo province, and now lives in Soweto. “Worse still, we have gained our independence in 1994, but they (Afrikaners) still do not want to share the land with us. This is the reason why I don’t support Netherlands.”

Thokozani Khumalo, who lives in the Tembisa township near Pretoria, said the four remaining teams were the best but did not hide her feelings that she would rally behind anyone but the Netherlands.

However, diverse points of view emerge. Friend Garon Jacons, who lives in the mainly coloured Retreat neighborhood in the Cape Flats, explains that “I’ve never had a problem supporting Holland. I supported them when they had Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard, and Marco Van Basten in the team – why shouldn’t I? That was a great side. What happened in apartheid wasn’t Netherlands’s fault or the football players’ so it would be silly not to support them. Besides, I think Germany will win.”

By Staff – (Source: Christian Science Monitor)

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  1. Marieke says:

    Please read your history books, the Dutch were never real colonizers, they only had effective government control for 3 years in the late 1800’s. Besides this, the Dutch (living in The Netherlands) never had anything to do with Apartheid, moreover, they were on the forefront to stop Apartheid.

  2. Marieke says:

    One last thing, the blacks in South Africa were never enslaved.

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