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The prize to create African media 2.0

I think we can all agree that journalism in Africa is not what it should be. When the news is not hand-written by some ruling party flunky for publication in a shoddy state-run newspaper, it’s a barely edited re-run of a wire story.

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Uprisings: East and Southern Africa

Recently the Dar es Salaam, Citizen published  an OpEd piece, “News is not coming out of Africa” in which it criticised African media for the focus on reporting “events” and failure to follow through with informative opinion and commentary.

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Africanews24: a pan African television on the satellite

A new project dedicated to African media has seen the light of day. The TV channel Africanews24 will be launched following the success of the partner project Euronews24. The channel was presented on May 21 at the “Africa 53 countries, One continent” conference in Bologna.

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SA: community radio takes on gender and World Cup

The world’s media eyes will soon squarely focus on South Africa, with millions from across the globe tuning in via multimillion-dollar broadcasts. Yet, as Deborah Walter points out, even as the international media and big broadcasters move in, and journalists descend from all over the world, in South Africa, like much of Africa, community radio is still a key source of information and news for many communities, linking local activities and issues with international perspectives.

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African bloggers: a world to be discovered

African blogs are becoming more and more influencing and relevant to understand African media and the reality of African civil society. While thinking about the possibility of introducing our new bloggers’ section, we decided to let their words explain our audience the world they have contributed to create and to make understand better this growing wave running over African media through their thoughts.

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Make African citizens’ voices heard

Do the African media manage today to allow African voices to be heard: the voices of African citizens, including those who are generally marginalized and excluded? Do they contribute to the emergence of a democratic culture?

They build a public sphere in which citizens are committed: not only do citizens receive information which allows them to form an opinion; but also they can make their voices heard and participate in decisions which affect their lives; in other words strengthen their influence.

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