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Does Brexit undermine the case for African regional integration?

Most analyses of what Brexit means for Africa rightly examine the practical consequences: the impact on trade, the deals that must be renegotiated, the uncertain access to markets. These are all important, but the UK’s decision raises an even more fundamental question. If the European project is failing, should Africa reconsider its commitment to regional integration?

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Who will pay for the peacekeeping missions in Africa?

The problem for African peacekeeping is not so much where to find the boots to put on the ground, but how to pay for them — not to mention the helicopters, intelligence-gathering and technology crucial to conducting modern military operations and dealing with the new security threats on the horizon. Since 2002, none of the five African Union peace operations have been financed through the AU’s Peace Fund, except for an allocation of $50 million for the African-led International Support Mission to Mali in 2013.

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AU Commission elections: From bad to worse?

Elections for the AU Commission should pass the same rigorous test and uphold the principles that the continental body requires from Member States. Intensive election competition, emanating from a genuine commitment to the Pan-African agenda and with a vision to provide better leadership, would signify marked differences from the past and would result in a more effective and efficient AU.

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Who Will Replace Dlamini-Zuma At the African Union?

As the African Union gathers for its 27th summit in Kigali in July, the agenda is likely to be dominated by the race to elect a new chair of the African Union Commission. Yet much of the anticipation is around whether the election will be held and any of the candidates will receive the required vote to win.

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Africa: Resolved to Address African Problems Using African Solutions

ISTANBUL – The African Union (AU) representing 54 countries and home to 1,2 billion inhabitants, will be in Istanbul to participate in the May 23-24, 2016, first-ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) with two key demands—that the international humanitarian system be redefined, and a strong, firm own commitment to itself, to the continent and its people, anchoring on the primacy of the states.

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African leaders in Rome for first ever Italy-Africa Conference

The leadership of Africa will be in Rome for the first time ever this week for the First Italy-Africa Ministerial Conference. Goal of the event, organized on May 18th by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), is to broaden and deepen the possible areas of cooperation with the Continent, thus reaffirming Italy’s renewed attention and engagement towards Africa, and to identify ways to support the African continent in achieving the 2030 Agenda.

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