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In Niger and Mali among migrants returning back from Libya

Niamey, Bamako – As of several months ago, in Niger as in Mali, two of the principal stops of the itinerary of the migrants of the Sub-Saharan Africa towards Europe, the routes and stories of the people journeying are changing. In fact, following the arrival of the initial financing of the EU Trust Fund for Africa, created at the Euro-African meeting at Valletta in November 2015, these countries’ migratory policies are adapting to the requests of the European Union to stop or at lease contain the flow of the “Central Mediterranean”, subjecting a good part of the aid for development to signed agreements for repatriation and the externalization of the community frontiers south of the sands of the Sahara.

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Migration: EU money in exchange for border controls in Africa

Niamey (Niger) – European funds in exchange for greater border controls. Easier repatriations. Quicker expulsions. In a word: border externalisation. Read the field story written by Sara Prestianni for #DivertedAid, an investigative project on the management and the impact of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

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Niger: the migrant crisis you should know about

All eyes are now on the refugee crisis hitting Europe from the Mediterranean and the Balkan route, but what about the backstory in Africa, before the refugees and migrants hit the seas? Given that in 2050, Africa’s population is expected to reach 2 billion, the rising migratory flux from sub-Saharan Africa is not receiving the media attention it deserves.

Afronline has compiled a series of field reports on the three main crossroads in Africa to Europe: Niger, Sudan and Libya. We begin our series with the report of Ousseini Issa from Niamey, Niger.

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Niger: a land of traffickers for migrants blinded by Europe

Rejected at the borders, migrants became traffickers, pouring the streets of Agadez, in Niger,  crossroad on the road from Sub-Saharan Africa and Maghreb to Europe. Abandoned their dreams, these migrants found a way to get rich through this “conversion”. However, they are not inclined to make gifts to their “African brothers”.

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