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Al-Shabab Now Trains Boko Haram, Says Somali President

Boko Haram is not only backed by the middle east’s ISIL, as it was discovered recently, it is also being trained by the east Africa’s Mujahideen Youth Movement, popularly known as Alshabab, Somalian President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said.

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Nigeria Keen to Replicate Kenya’s Tactics in Fighting Al Shabaab

Nairobi – Terrorism was at the centre of discussions during President Muhammadu Buhari’s three-day state visit to Kenya, where the two countries signed an agreement to tackle Islamist insurgencies together. Nigeria and Kenya have been battling insurgencies, with Kenya sending troops to Somalia five years ago to slow down Al Shabaab attacks while Nigeria has in the recent weeks made several gains against Boko Haram, which has killed thousands.

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Janaale attack on Ugandan troops: the conflicting figures out of Somalia shouldn’t be ignored

On September 1, Al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab militants briefly seized control of an African Union after ramming a suicide car bomb into it. The attack took place at the AMISOM base in Janaale.

First diplomatic sources reported over 50 soldiers had died and then Somali military sources said 37. More than 48 hours after the attack on September 03, Uganda’s army spokesperson Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda tweeted that the estimates of more than 50 was a lie.Finally he told the nation that only 10 Ugandan soldiers had died in Somalia.

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Al-Shabaab has changed its tactics. AMISOM must do so, too.

In Somalia, holding the towns is not the key to the countryside. Holding the countryside is the key to the towns.

When al-Shabaab’s elusive leader Ahmed Abdi Godane was killed in a US air strike in Sablale on 1 September 2014, there was a widespread belief that the Islamist group’s operational capabilities might dwindle. But one year later, this has not proved to be the case. Rather, it seems the militants have lost little of their ability and remain an unyielding force determined to destabilise Somalia and the region.

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Face to face with Somalia’s Warriors from the North

Danish-Somali director Nasib Farah spoke to IFEX about his latest documentary, Warriors from the North, and what it was like getting up close and personal with young Al-Shabaab fighters and defectors.

“I was a lonely boy in school and at work as well. So I decided to come here to Somalia. I don’t know … That’s just what I did. I wanted to kill as many people as possible.”

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Now Obama’s coming to town, can we talk about fighting terror without ethnic profiling?

We are all different as Africans, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love and accommodate each other.

With Nairobi preparing to welcome US President Barack Obama and Westgate Mall about to reopen after the deadly 2013 terror attack, it would be a timely moment to hear about efforts to repair trust in Kenya’s security forces and to ensure that they do not unfairly target minorities and foreigners.

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