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Zuma survives no-confidence vote

After weathering scandals that would have ended most political careers, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma secured a resounding victory Thursday in a no-confidence vote against him in parliament. The 214-126 result means President Zuma has survived six votes of no-confidence since 2010 thanks to the ANC party’s large parliamentary majority.

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Political Violence: The cloud looming over Lesotho

Last week in Lesotho, opposition leaders Tom Thabane and Thesele ‘Maseribane fled to Botswana and South Africa, again seeking protection from (Editor’s Note : the) SADC against what they said were assassination attempts by the Lesotho Defense Force. As Lesotho under Prime Minister Mosisili continues its pattern of political crisis, it begs the question just where political violence is rooted in a country often described ashomogenous.

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Analysis: When Zuma’s words dominate the agenda

The last few weeks have seen President Jacob Zuma entering the public arena in ways in which he’s been accused of avoiding before. Five weeks ago, before his State of the Nation Address, he held an on-the-record briefing with editors in which nothing seemed to be off limits. Then, this week, he answered questions in the National Assembly, something opposition parties have accused him of avoiding. As a result, we have more information about Zuma himself, and what he believes, than we’ve had before. By Stephen Grootes.

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Analysis: Land politicised, land divided

Speaking to traditional leaders last week, President Jacob Zuma went off script. His comments were charismatic, even encouraging, but ultimately show how the issue of land is detached from meaningful reform, meaning one of the country’s most important issues will continue to be exploited for political gain.

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Expropriation Without Compensation: It’s game on!

Want some confirmation that Julius Malema’s EFF has squirrelled its way into the national consciousness and dug in for good? Since the elections, I’ve been receiving emails and Tweets and alarmed phone calls regarding the imminent expropriation sans compensation of the high-walled compounds many South Africans call home.

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The Future Scenario for White South Africa

Scenario planning is something of a cottage industry in South Africa and was particularly popular during the negotiations for democracy in the early 1990s. Careers were launched on the back of this industry, and speakers known for gazing into the crystal ball back then still pack halls with (white) middle class people worried about their future in the country today.

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