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If you come from another African country, you can never become fully South African

The violence strikes at what is at the heart of post-apartheid South African identity. For all the talk of hospitality and “ubuntu,” xenophobic violence is a reflection of how the ruling ANC and most South Africans understand the boundaries of “South African-ness.”

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‘They don’t teach it in law school’: white privilege and Oscar Pistorius

Notwithstanding the violent and aggressive behaviour he exhibited in his personal life, the product of a historically heavily subsidised racial group in South Africa, Oscar Pistorius’ life demonstrates how white privilege protected his masculinity from being constructed as uncivil, criminal, threatening and dangerous.

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A “take your madam home campaign” instead? A comment on social justice tours in townships

Lately I have been struggling with the idea (and the proliferation) of “social justice tours” in South Africa. If you don’t know what I am talking about, social justice tours are tours which take the tourist through low income, economically depressed or working class neighborhoods —mostly former townships—whilst teaching them and allowing them to “witness the reality of marginalization, poverty and oppression that 48% of [the] South African population is forced to endure.” The latest iteration of this kind is that run by Media for Justice, a nonprofit run by Gillian Schutte, a well-known web commentator and her husband, filmmaker Sipho Singiswa, in Johannesburg’s Alexandra and two other black townships. continue reading »

What’s the matter with Stellenbosch University?

One afternoon, during my final year of high school, I first found myself at Stellenbosch University (also known as University of Stellenbosch) on a tour of potential universities in the Western Cape, South Africa’s south-western province. Walking around the various buildings on campus and after a quick stopover in the Neelsie, the university’s mall, I hesitated at the thought of studying there–besides, they didn’t offer what I thought I wanted to do for the rest of my life at the time. So I spent my undergraduate years at the University of Cape Town instead. However, a decade-and-a-bit and some career adjustments later, I am back at SU as a Masters student in the Visual Art department.

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The winners of the platinum strike in South Africa

After a five-month struggle, South Africa’s platinum strike has ended and miners have gone back to work. In the midst of debates over financial gains and losses, Brad Cibane argues the real achievements lie outside the economic sphere.

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Farewell Nadine Gordimer

South Africa – A day after Nadine Gordimer’s death, Daily Maverick’s J. Brooks Spector contemplates the complex interrelationship between the country’s politics and history and her astonishing literary career.

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