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Expropriation Without Compensation: It’s game on!

Want some confirmation that Julius Malema’s EFF has squirrelled its way into the national consciousness and dug in for good? Since the elections, I’ve been receiving emails and Tweets and alarmed phone calls regarding the imminent expropriation sans compensation of the high-walled compounds many South Africans call home.

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Born Free, and Disinterested

Cape Town – South Africa’s May 7 elections mark the first time in democratic history that those born into Nelson Mandela’s post-apartheid ‘Rainbow Nation’ can vote.

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20 Years of Freedom: Seven Things To Tell Young Black South Africans

Last week, the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation held an election debate in Cape Town, in the Western Cape, on intergenerational justice. It would have been great if some terms, like intergenerational justice, had been framed more definitively beforehand. I imagine many people take the term to be a call for a moderation of economic demands on, for example, natural and other resources in this generation so that future generations might also enjoy their benefits.

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White History Month: The American reservation became the South African reserve

(I)n 1993 … (I) first went to South Africa to study apartheid as a form of the state. I realized that basic institutions of apartheid had been created long before the name and the state came into being. The ethnic cleansing of the African population of South Africa began as early as 1913 when the Natives Land Act declared 87% of the land for whites and divided the remaining 13% into so tribal homelands into which to herd the native population.

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Tech can give women the space to fight for their rights

Big talk should be combined with small-tech advances to help the world’s poor women, says Henrietta Miers. Aid agencies have ambitious goals to empower women in the developing world. Yet many feminists believe donors’ gender policies are depoliticised — that they fail to address the unequal power balances between men and women.

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Plugging South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Leaks

Cape Town – The South African government’s earnest rush to provide water to millions of people post-apartheid may have jeopardised its attempts to provide services to the country in the long run.

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