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Joël Munezero Wins Right to Stay in Belgium

Tensions have rarely been as high surrounding migration in Europe as they are today. The impressive results of far-right, anti-immigrant parties throughout Europe are testament to this fact. Yet a small but important win for the forces of tolerance and humanity occurred recently with the decision to allow Joël Munezero, a 5 year-old child with a very serious disease, and his mother to stay in Belgium.

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Patrice Lumumba’s relevance

Patrice Lumumba was Congolese national hero of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He united all the ethnic groups and snatched independence from Belgium and became Congo’s first democratically elected leader. For Belgium, Congo’s former colonial power, Congo’s independence was like a fruit that was not ripe yet but which the wind of history forced it to fall.

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Rwanda: The ‘Hate Radio’ RTLM goes on scene

1994 was chiefly characterized by the brutal genocide in Rwanda, the aloofness of the international peacekeepers stationed in the region and the death of ten Belgian Blue Helmets. The popular Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines played an important role in this genocide against Tutsi minority.

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Land Grabbing: “We need an international legal framework”

All together, nearly 20 million hectares have already changed hands – or are in the process of doing so – in Africa, out of the 30 to 40 million hectares in the world that are the object of such transactions. 500 million small-scale farmers around the world are suffering from hunger partly because their right to land is under attack. In the absence of an international legal framework, Belgium has decided to set the example by becoming the first Western country to adopt a draft resolution on land grabbing in developing countries.

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1960-2010: The Africa of independences

The year was … It was 1960 and it was declared the Year of Africa. Half a century later many of the dreams that inspired the fight to be free from colonialism are still just that: dreams. During those months the continent walked towards independence setting its sights on a future in which there would no longer be owners.

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50 fighting years for the DRC

LUSAKA – Today, the Democratic Republic of Congo is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence from Belgian rule. “50 fighting years” titles the daily Zambian newspaper, The Post.

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