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Green Grabs: Good intentions on other people’s land

The trend of foreign companies signing agreements with cash-hungry nations for rights over vast areas of land, leading to displacement of the land’s traditional users, is all too familiar. Large-scale land grabs have swept through developing regions in the last decade, driven by a speculative mania for food crops, biofuels and water reserves. But how should we pass judgement when the land deals are designed to support global public goods, such as the conservation of biodiversity and wild landscapes?

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“Land grabs” and responsible agricultural investment in Africa

Can land grabs by foreign investors in developing countries feed the hungry? So says the press release for a recent, and unfortunate, economic study. It comes just as civil society and government delegates gather in Rome this week to negotiate guidelines for “responsible agricultural investment” (RAI), and as President Obama welcomes African leaders to Washington for a summit on economic development in the region.

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Designing improved cookstoves for Tanzanians

Kagera, Tanzania – Improved cookstove designs reduce the use of firewood in rural communities, countering deforestation, soil erosion and food insecurity. They also ensure cleaner combustion than in traditional open-fire cooking, reducing harmful indoor pollution.

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MEP biofuels vote could feed millions more….or less

ActionAid has released new figures today revealing the potential impact of the European Parliament’s vote in Strasbourg this week on biofuels and a crucial cap to limit the incentivisation of the use of huge amounts of food as fuel at a time when almost a billion people are going hungry worldwide.

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EC report on social impacts of biofuels is a whitewash

While welcoming the European Commission’s ambitions on climate and energy presented [yesterday] in a Green Paper, the EC has covered up the negative social impacts of Europe’s biofuel policies by severely underestimating the amount of biofuels-related land grab in Africa and the impacts on global food prices in an EC report also out [yesterday], claims international anti-poverty agency ActionAid.

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Biofuels goals ‘may lead to food shortages’

Parts of the developing world, particularly India and countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, will suffer food shortages if their planned biofuels targets are implemented by 2020, a study has warned.

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