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Face-to-face interview on Food Waste in Africa

Food production must clearly increase significantly to meet the future demands of an increasing and more affluent world population. Considering the number of people starving worldwide – 925 million in 20101 – and the growing population – 9 billion people by 2050 – the subject of food losses and waste has become one of utmost concern. Is Africa prepared to face this challenge? Read the face-to-face interview with Robert Van Otterdijk (FAO) and the Britain activist Tristram Stuart.

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Food: Fighting against losses in developing countries and waste in rich countries

More than a third of global food production, the equivalent of 1.3 billion tons, was partly burnt out. Reducing this waste is a challenge that all countries must seize said Michael Hailu, Director of the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CTA) ACP-EU during the last Brussels Development Briefing* which was held in Brussels in late June on wastage in the food chain.

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Interview: Jeremy Swift, “Pastoralism has a future in Africa”

“I believe pastoralism not only has a future in Africa, but that their future will be rather more successful than many others, as climate change makes all drylands more risky with more extreme droughts and floods” says Jeremy Swift*, who specializes in the development of nomadic pastoral societies in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

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ACP Small island economies: from vulnerabilities to opportunities

The United Nations currently classifies 52 countries and territories as Small Island Developing States (SIDS). It is a diverse group with more than 50 million people, 43 of them located in the Caribbean and the Pacific regions. Tomorrow, the Brussels Development Briefings co-organised by the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural cooperation (CTA) will be focused on ACP Small island economies.
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Seeking recognition for pastoralism, a key sector in resource management

Recurring drought and land disputes have recently placed nomadic pastoralists under the media spotlight. Their skill at managing livestock and the quality of the meat they produce – which is renowned far beyond their country’s borders – is however largely ignored by national political elites.

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