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Interview with Cecile Kyenge: “Burundi Needs Influential African Mediators”

Brussels – “Influential African mediators must get involved in the Burundi crisis, just as Nelson Mandela did in the past”. Such is the belief of Cecile Kyenge, a Member of the European Parliament (Socialist and Democrats Group), as told in an interview with Infos Grands Lacs (Afronline’s media partner). “These mediators should be able to start completely from scratch, starting with the violence, which must stop immediately, and the issue of the third mandate of Burundian President Nkurunziza”, added the Italian MEP, who was the author of a recently launched appeal to the international community with four former Belgian ministers.

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Lampedusa commemoration – Cecile Kyenge: ‘Europe may have blood on its hands, but so do governments in Africa’

Brussels – ‘Europe may have blood on its hands, but so do governments in Africa. The EU’s restrictive and security-based migration policies have failed, contributing to a tragic loss of lives in the Mediterranean Sea’, says Cecile Kyenge, Italian deputy at the European Parliament. ‘But African governments must also take responsibility and protect migrants from human rights abuses in order to avoid new tragedies’, she adds from the island of Lampedusa, where survivors and politicians gathered to commemorate the death of 368 migrants who drowned trying to reach Italy last year.

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Guinea: Pointing microphones against Ebola

Brussels – As the world nervously watches the Ebola outbreak from afar, local media in Guinea work around the clock in precarious environments to make sure the population remains informed. A vital force against the crisis, these journalists need funding and international support to step up against the virus.

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Interview with Cecile Kyenge “I will work to create fair migration policies in the European Parliament”

Interview with Italian MP Cécile Kyenge (Italian Democratic Party) and candidate in the European Elections. “The Dublin regulation should be revised, dismissing the current national approach and shifting to the concept of European borders” says former Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, now running for EU elections in the North East of Italy. continue reading »

What the Italian press said about Lampedusa

After the death of at least 130 Somalian and Eritrean migrants off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa, the Italian (and European) press is once again filled with words of pathos: the human tragedy, the pictures of lined body bags and the tears of Lampedusans for those who never reached them.

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Exclusive. Interview with Cécile Kyenge: ‘The right to citizenship is a major issue for Italian society’

Rome (Italy) – Racial insults, death threats, the throwing of bananas, call for rape. This is what’s been happening in Italy since Cécile Kyenge was appointed minister for Integration. ‘Frankly, I did not expect this level of verbal abuse’, said the first woman with African origins (Congolese, to be precise) to enter an Italian government. In this exclusive interview with and Echos des Grands Lacs, Kyenge said she would respond ‘to the political class’ failure to act. They do not understand that it is not simply about me. These attacks take place in Italian society as a whole and the institutions’. Moreover, ‘migrants are not responsible for the Italian economic crisis’.

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